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Release Dashboards in Jira - Tips for Newcomers [Infographic]

Good day, community! 

Today, let's talk about reporting in Jira. We all know it can be challenging, leading many organizations to stick to traditional reporting methods instead of exploring available tools.

Fortunately, Jira has a built-in dashboard feature that can make reporting much more effortless. This article will explore Jira dashboards’ benefits, limitations, and what to consider when building one.


Benefits of Jira Dashboards

Jira dashboards can help users aggregate all of the release/project/portfolio information they need in one place. This feature can be handy for those using Jira for release management and project managers who need to communicate progress across various teams and stakeholders. Additionally, Jira dashboards can help identify bottlenecks, provide real-time updates, and offer valuable insights into project status.


Jira Dashboards Best Practices (1).png 

Limitations of Jira Dashboards

Jira dashboards, however, come with limitations and challenges on your way to a perfect dashboard that will suit all your teams' needs. These may be a steep learning curve, a mostly engineering-centric interface that may be difficult for new users, and the risk of creating overcomplicated workflows, to name a few.

Luckily, you can easily overcome these challenges by providing novice users with tutorials and help sections, simplifying the workflows, and seeking expert guidance in the Community and among solution partners when necessary.


Considerations When Building a Jira Dashboard

When building a Jira dashboard, take time to prioritize the gadgets that will be most useful to you, keeping in mind your goals and audience. Think of what charts will help you to present data most clearly, arrange the data logically, with your essential KPIs at the top of the page, and ask for stakeholder feedback for further customization. Iteration is critical, so please continue to refine and improve your dashboard until you find the one that best fits your needs.


Would you like to streamline the tedious Jira reporting process? 

We have a solution for you - an app called Swanly, an easy-to-use release management roadmap timeline. But aside from that, Swanly creates a live release dashboard in Jira for you and aggregates all the release information you need there.

Swanly simplifies release management and builds visually appealing dashboards anyone can understand.

You can check out Swanly Portfolio Roadmaps Release Timeline app on the Atlassian Marketplace and play around with it in your Jira!


Ready to dive deeper into Jira Dashboards?

For more on the reports you'll find in Jira, the dashboard gadgets you can try, or other tools for inspiration, here is a complete and extensive article by Atlassian!



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