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Overcome these 5 onboarding challenges in Confluence

While much is said about how onboarding can be challenging for newbies, and companies are always trying to find solutions to make the onboarding experience as smooth as possible for them, hiring companies also face some challenges during the process. This blog post will introduce how to overcome five common challenges in the onboarding process within Confluence, highlighting how two specifically affect the hiring organization.

Challenge No. 1: Information overload


Implement Atlassian Intelligence in Confluence to tackle the overload of information new hires often face in the onboarding process. This feature uses artificial intelligence to condense and summarize key points from extensive documents, making it easier for new employees to digest and understand important information quickly without having to read pages of text and save time, on the other hand, to focus on practical tasks and learning.

Challenge No. 2: Inconsistent training materials


Use standardized Confluence templates to ensure that all onboarding documents follow a consistent format and structure. Confluence provides more than 100 templates, and for onboarding, it has a 90-day plan template ready to use. This guarantees all newbies receive a uniform onboarding experience reducing confusion and obtaining even knowledge.

90 day plan template.png

Challenge No. 3: Tracking onboarding progress & unclear task responsibility


Utilize Checklists, action items, and task assignment features in Confluence to structure the onboarding path and have more progress visibility. This also provides new hires with outlined onboarding steps, clear tasks and milestones, and assigned actions. This helps ensure all necessary learning and tasks are completed in a timely and effective manner, especially in a remote work setting. Eventually, both the managers and the newbies will be able to monitor task completion and identify where new hires are excelling or where they might need extra support.

Challenge No. 4: Hard to find training resources


Create a centralized hub for training resources where new hires can easily access all necessary learning materials in one place. Smart Courses for Confluence offers you the privilege to achieve that. It allows you to create your own courses with more than 8 types of content and organize them per space or find them all in the global catalog.

Smart Courses global catalog.png

Challenge No. 5: Securely sharing information while onboarding external parties


Utilize public links for view-only pages in Confluence. This feature allows you to share necessary onboarding documents and resources with external clients or partners without granting them full access to your Confluence environment. It ensures that external parties can view relevant information securely and conveniently, facilitating smoother collaboration and communication during the onboarding process.

turn on public link.png

Thank you for reading! Share with us in the comments the challenges you have faced and their solutions in Confluence. We'd love to hear your recommendations! πŸ™πŸΌ




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