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Only "Issues" and "Project" tables available to QuickSight...

Wayne Robshaw April 15, 2021

Hi All,

We are trying to use QuickSight to build some customer reporting and we need to be able to access the "Worklogs" table.  When setting up the connector for QuickSight we only offered  the "Issues" and "Project" tables.  

Does anyone know if other tables can be accessed through QuickSight?



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Amruth Rajagopal Vairamani June 29, 2021

Hi Wayne,

Were you able to identify a solution for this issue? Even we are facing the same thing?


Please let us know if you were able to solve it or identify a workaround



Wayne Robshaw June 29, 2021

Unfortunately not.  Atlassian replied to say that its a QuickSight issue (not accessing the relevant API's).  I have posed the similar question to AWS, unfortunately they don't seem to want to make any changes.

Amruth Rajagopal Vairamani June 29, 2021

Thanks for the quick response. If the issue is not resolved, the connector seems pretty much useless because mostly we would have a lot of data available in custom fields.

Anyway, thanks for the assist.


Wayne Robshaw June 29, 2021

Yep, very much the same for us...projects and issues just isn't enough... :|

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