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Looking for (suggestions) the best tool for logging time in general?

Isabella April 15, 2019

We have different projects and clients. All the time needs to be logged. Also spent time on the phone or by e-mail with a client or future-client.

At this moment we work with Tempo ( The downside of this app is that you ALWAYS need to log on an issue. Our users are creating a lot of issues now just to justify the hours they made. 

Is there a way users can log time without logging it on a ticket? I'm really wondering how you guys do it. I'm quite new in Jira. We are willing to change the Tempo app if turns out Tempo is not the app for us.

Any suggestions?

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czsup April 15, 2019

It is very common issue of every ticketing system. What is the reason you want to collect worklogs? It is evaluation of estimation or it is a basis of invoicing to client?

And if the ticket is not the right work item from granularity point of view - is there any other work item bigger than ticket - for example changer request, project, order, client?

Isabella April 15, 2019

Thank you for your comment.

We use it for intern evaluation, but sometimes also for billing afterwards to the client. But we also want to use it for registering when someone is sick or has a meeting. Just so everyone can almost justify their 8 hour work day.

czsup April 16, 2019

I understand what are you talking about, but I think there are more different type of information:

  • estimation and work log related to tasks - it is simple, you can use Jira and time tracking
  • register leavings (sick, holiday)
  • register attendance of team members in work

It is not possible to use Internal Activities see

Isabella April 17, 2019

Sad, I need to be looking for a different tool then, maybe extern from Jira. Thanks for your time.

czsup April 17, 2019

We are working on a such functionality on Jira, but we are at a very beginning. How fast do you need to find a solution? Our idea is that we will generate such a attendance report according to work log, approved vacations and personal corections of team member.

Isabella April 17, 2019

Well how sooner how better ;)! 

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