Issues on JIRA because plug in TEMPO

Talia Arroyo May 31, 2018

Hi, today we experience a lot of problems with JIRA and most about the log of work. Dont know if its because of Tempo or because there is a problem in JIRA,.s

There is an error 502 Bad Gateway when we select to log work in any task, thought it was a theme of browsers we used Edge and Chrome to see the difference but we had the same error.


Any help resolving this problem is much appreciated. 



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Ethan Herbertson May 31, 2018

I'm seeing this as well.

All attempts to hit seem to be timing-out. (Even for the Tempo icon!)

Deleted user June 2, 2018

Hi @Talia Arroyo,

My suggestion would be to raise a support ticket on Tempo’s Public Service Desk

Hope this helps

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