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How to share Jira Time Logs with your stakeholders?

Using time tracking software is a great way to manage your work time. Whenever you’d like to share your work log with someone else, Worklogs - Time Tracking and Reports offer you several different ways to do that.   


The Share button 

If your stakeholders have access to your organization’s Jira, all you need to do is click on the share button in the top right corner. 


1 (2).png


You will then see a message that your Worklogs link has been copied to a clipboard. 


 pasted image 0 (4).png



Once you have the link copied, you can send it to anyone interested via Slack or any other platform you use. They will get access to it and will also be able to save your work log and open it whenever needed. 

Excel spreadsheet

Your work log can also be exported as a spreadsheet and edited in Excel which can be helpful e.g. when you prepare invoices. In general, you can take advantage of the numerous functions that Excel offers you. Then, your spreadsheet can be sent via e-mail to anyone interested or you can just simply save it, store it on your computer, and come back to it whenever needed. 

In order to get the XLSX file, click Export in the top right corner: 


2 (2).png

A modal with various exporting options will appear. Based on what you select, your exported file will be generated.


3 (1).png

Totals in exported file

This section offers you two options to choose from. You can either select one, both, or none. Based on what you choose, different total values will appear in your exported Worklog report.

Include total for all entries

If you select this option, your report will include a summary of totals for all entries placed at the bottom of the table.


4 (total for all entries).png


Include sub total for each grouping and summary of all groupings

If you select this option, your report will include a sub total for each category, grouping, and secondary grouping. Sub totals will be placed directly after their respective categories, groupings, or secondary groupings.

5 (sub total for each grouping and summary).png



If you select both options, the contents of your exported report will reflect the table you see in your Worklogs. It will include both totals after each grouping and total of all entries at the bottom of the table.

Note: there must be at least two rows of data to calculate a total. Otherwise, the total row is skipped.

6 (both).png



If you don’t select either of the two options, your report will include only the entries based on filters, without any additional type of totals

7 (none).png

Select fields included in the exported file

Once you’ve selected your preferred totals displaying option, you can move on to choosing the fields you would like to have included in your exported file. By enabling this option, you can choose to export selected fields only, as well as choose one field to sort the data by.


8 (1).png


If you leave this option disabled, your exported report will include all fields available.

Copy XLSX link

To share your report in the form of a file you can either download it, by clicking Export, and then sending it to your stakeholders however you want, or by sharing a direct link to the file. Opening the link in a browser will result in downloading the XLSX file.


Sending your time report via e-mail

Remember that, apart from downloading spreadsheets, there’s also an option to display your worklog as a bar chart or a pie chart, which can then be downloaded as a PNG file and sent via email.


9 (1).png


Share Worklogs on your Jira dashboard

The third option would be to add Worklogs to your Jira dashboard. To do that, open your dashboard. On the right you will see a column with widgets. Type “Worklogs” into the search bar and click Add:

10 (1).png

Worklogs will be added to your Jira dashboard and it will be saved automatically. Once this is done, you’ll be able to adjust it to your needs by applying your chosen filters. Remember to save the configuration by clicking Done in the top right corner.

11 (1).png


Now, all you need to do is give the person interested access to your saved report. In the top right corner click on the three dots, and then select Rename or share:


12 (1).png


A window will appear, and you will be able to decide who can view and edit your work log. By default, everything will be set to private. You can change that by selecting users or groups of users that you want to share the access with. It is possible to set both viewing and editing permissions separately.



Once you save the changes, your dashboard will be visible to the people you shared it with.


With Worklogs - Time Tracking and Reports there are quite a few options available when you want to share your work log with someone. It can be quickly sent as a link on any communication platform. Another option is to add it to your Jira dashboard – anyone who has access to it will be able to see it. In more formal circumstances, or if you simply prefer it that way, you can save it as a pie chart or a bar chart as well as export it into a spreadsheet. It can then be sent via email to your stakeholders.



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