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How to manage an order fulfillment process in Jira?

Let’s talk shortly about business process management and how you can improve it. Business process management is a structured method for enhancing the procedures that companies employ to complete tasks, provide for their customers, and produce a profit. So, if you are a Jira manager and control the Jira process management, this use case will be definitely helpful for you. We would like to present you the Business Process Manager add-on, which will simplify your workflow process and help to save time. 

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Why is it more convenient? The answer is simple - you can create tasks automatically without additional effort, and it will help to organize processes in a more efficient way. 

Let`s discover

In this use case, we`ll show you, how to use BPM features to simplify your work. Our clients had such case:

We are trying to manage an Order fulfillment process. For this, I first created a process template with 4 steps, each has a form. All the steps in Process 1 can be done in parallel, this works very well with BPM

To achieve this, you need to create a new process Template and add steps (mean “task”) according to this Template. With a few clicks, you’ll get a new task for the team member you need.  


Then you should create a form that consists of different forms elements. To make it dynamic, use when/then logic.


In order for the work to go in parallel, you need to add the required project and assignee(s) to each step. Let’s learn how to do that fast and simply.


The next step of our use case is below.

When the last step of Process 1 is complete, the Business Process Manager starts Process 2 which has another form to be completed by a different team. When process 2 is complete, process 3 starts and so on.

To start another process after the end of the previous one, it is necessary to create a new process and add as many steps as you need, as we did in the previous points. Then you should connect BPM with the Jira automation. To do this, you need to copy the Template URL and create a rule in automation - to start another process based on the URL.


Add the Template URL that was copied before to this rule. Now, when a certain trigger occurs, for example, a comment has been added to the task, the template with the tasks to which we have linked it will start. If you need to learn more about how to enhance BPM with Jira automation, read this article

To sum up

Only a few steps help you to save lots of time. Convenient, isn’t it? 

The Business Process Manager is the automation tool for your business workflows and operating procedures (SOPs). With it you`ll reduce the time spent for repetitive routine tasks and improve team performance. 



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