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How to make employee offboarding smooth and automatic?

Easy come, easy go. Unfortunately, when we talk about offboarding, it’s not as simple as it sounds. As a rule, the process involves many manual steps like emails, phone calls, and private conversations when there are so many chances to mess something up. We wouldn’t even talk about that if there weren’t legal and security threats that a poorly-managed offboarding procedure could cause serious disruption and financial loss to a business:

  • data breach, 
  • compliance violations or breaches of confidentiality,
  • unnecessarily high expenses due to unused licenses and unknown recurring payments,
  • productivity loss caused by miscommunication and lack of documentation.

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To help managers gain more control and expected results of the offboarding process, we’ve decided to share some useful tips on how to organize the employee leave in your organization with the help of Jira!

How to organize the offboarding process using Jira?

The great news is that you don’t need any special HR platform to automate internal offboarding processes. You can use Jira to create on- and offboarding templates for issues to be done with the task descriptions, links, tables, assignees, deadlines, and so on.

This is how you can automate the onboarding/offboarding tasks creation, utilizing Jira Software - Automation for Jira:

  • create an HR onboarding/offboarding board;
  • set up the filter to locate these requests via two components of the same name;
  • create a user request by the HR user;
  • use automation to automatically create tasks for HR when an issue with the "onboarding/offboarding" trigger is added;
  • if needed, use additional rules to send emails/Slack messages or set user tasks to welcome/instruct/track the progress during onboarding & offboarding.

You can also use Jira Service Desk - Automation or Business Process Manager add-ons to smooth and automate offboarding in your company, making it faster and simpler for the manager and employees.

Business Process Manager (BPM) add-on in Jira for offboarding

When choosing the right tools for the offboarding process, you can try our Business Process Manager add-on for recurring processes.

BPM is a complex solution for building, structuring, automizing, and making the offboarding workflow dynamic. With the help of BPM forms, you can once set up the whole end-to-end offboarding process, elaborating on the set of steps and approvers that will serve as an on- or offboarding template for all your departments and future on-/offboarding processes.


According to the statistics, 35% of employees leave their jobs in the first year, so imagine how many tasks the HR manager has to create annually to onboard and offboard people who come and leave the organization.

With BPM, you create an onboarding/offboarding task form, add steps, assignees, due dates, etc. It’ll become your ready-to-use guide that will ensure you don’t forget any essential stage and don’t put your organization under the thread the former employee leaves with the confidential or access information. Moreover, you won’t have to contact anybody 2 weeks later asking to return some equipment, docs, or data.

To get started, complete these steps:

  • identify each separate stage of the offboarding process;
  • create a template, including the essential stages;
  • add instructions, checklists, or forms to each of the stages when needed;
  • add the assignee(s);
  • start the process.


So, the BPM add-on is an effective and time-saving solution to automate the process and ensure nothing is missed out. The employee gets a detailed guide on offboarding, and the manager can track the progress in real-time. 

The plugin will allow you to create an Offboarding Process Template with everything that should be done before the employee leaves the workplace. You’ll be sure all his/her responsibilities have been transferred, credentials and access rights removed, equipment returned, etc.

What`s more?

In the next few weeks, we’re planning to enhance the BPM add-on with the following features:

  • conditional step
  • multiple approvers

to make your overall workflow with BPM even more effective and smooth.

As you see, BPM is a really flexible tool that allows organizing efficient workflow management, including onboarding and offboarding. Use a 30-day free trial and see how it improves your workflow and saves tons of time!



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