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How to easily manage work across multiple Jira projects

The multi-project view is one of our biggest powers! No matter whether you plan stuff on a calendar or timeline, you can visualize issues from any number of projects together on a single view to get a full picture of your schedule in Planyway 🤩

What’s the trick?🎆 Easy! Just connect the projects you need in the sidebar and see all their issues in Planyway straight away.

1 multi project.png

Another super helpful lifehack not to get lost between issues is Fields. Once you turn on the Project field, the project name will show up on the outside of the issues, so you always know where issues belong to at a glance ✨

2 fields.png

And finally, the cherry on the cake 🍒 - Project Portfolio! Yeap, you’ve heard it right. Just group your timeline by projects while having multiple projects connected - that’s all you need to build a perfect project portfolio in a couple of clicks.

3 portfolio view.png

Hope our quick guide will help you save time when working with multiple projects and show how simple it is to see all you need in one place.


Happy planning,

your Planyway team❤️



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Rama K Goberu {Appfire} November 29, 2021

Hi @Maria - This certainly looks like an Amazing app, thanks for sharing. 

There is one question that I have though. Does this app also work to show Jira projects across different instances (Cloud/DC) in a single view? I looked in the documentation but there was nothing from that point of view. 

Any inputs are much appreciated. Thanks. 

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November 29, 2021

Hi @Rama K Goberu {Appfire}, thank you for commenting and asking :) Planyway is available for both platforms, Could and DC, but it doesn't unite projects form those in one view. If you don't mind sharing, could you let us know a bit more on your team's case where you need to show Jira projects from DC and Cloud in one place? You can also email us at

Have a great day ^_^

Rama K Goberu {Appfire} November 30, 2021

@Maria - I was only wondering if your app has that view with any unique features not available in others'. This is an often requested feature by many companies, the reason why I assumed your app might be capable of it.  

We are already using Appfire's Dashboard Hub for Jira app for our needs and I felt happy while reading your post. My best wishes! 

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