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How to disable the sharing of attachments while case record share From Salesforce to Jira.

Venkatesh Nalagandla _C_ March 2, 2020

We have noticed that, through the Jira integration tool in SF, it is automatically attaching attachments from the SF case to the Jira. In theory this would be a good idea, but on longer thread cases.

We would like to disable the adding of attachments to the jira ticket, and make this something the agent does manually if required.

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Assia Touati March 6, 2020

You can do this via the "Authorization scheme" in the issue setting. section "Attachement autorization" 

Venkatesh Nalagandla _C_ March 9, 2020

@Assia Touati 
Can you please suggest the proper navigation to stop this..??

I am just pasting the screens(I didn't find the option "Attachement autorization" to stop this )

On Configuration settings of the package:


Please provide me the proper navigation stop this.

It's very urgent.


Thanks - Venkatesh N

Marian Vidra March 10, 2020

I had the same problem.

Venkatesh Nalagandla _C_ March 11, 2020

Hello... is anybody alive to respond ..???


@Assia Touati  , @Marian Vidra 

Assia Touati March 12, 2020

Sorry for the late answer, i am using Jira Cloud, not integrated with SF, i'm not sure if it works on it. 

Could you give us more details ? 

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