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How to create a Confluence page linked to a Jira cloud ticket

Have you been looking for a solution to easily create Confluence Cloud pages directly from a Jira Cloud issue? The no code solution is here with the brand new app Elements Publish to Confluence, which works with Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Jira Work Management.


3 steps to create a Confluence Page from Jira

It's easy to set up a recipe in Elements Publish to Confluence.

Step 1: Define where the recipe will be available

Do you want to create a page for bug analysis? Make your recipe only available for bug issues. Need to publish issue details for a post-mortem? Set the issue type then the status to resolved (tip: you can trigger the recipe when the issue is resolved by adding the recipe as a post-function). Want to create a page for marketing campaign notes? Make the recipe only available in the Marketing project.



Once you've set your source criteria, you can check to see how many issues in your instance currently meet the criteria.


Step 2: Define where the page will be created

If we could read your mind, we would. But for now you need to choose the Confluence space and the parent page where you want the new page to be created. 



Step 3: Design your page

Time to get creative: using the in-app editor, design the page you want to create. You can insert issue details next to static content for both the page title and the page content, add headers (H1, H2, H3, etc), emojis, lists, colors... all with 0 coding 😍  Need labels and attachments from your Jira issue copied to your Confluence page? No problem: just activate the options. 



In this example, we set up the page title as "Bug analysis of:" and then inserted the issue summary. The page title will be dynamically created each time the recipe is used.

Activate your recipe, and you're ready!

Publish to Confluence: post-mortems, meeting notes, marketing campaigns & more

New app Highlight image 3 cropped.png

Elements Publish to Confluence helps lots of different teams. Here are some ideas of how you could use it:

  • Bug analysis: insert details from bugs raised on your support portal onto a Confluence page so team members can add details and analysis
  • Post-mortem: add the recipe as a post-function to a workflow transition and automatically create a post-mortem in Confluence and insert details from your Jira issue when you transition the incident to closed 
  • User story details: insert details from the User story and Epic onto a pre-formated Confluence page to add details
  • Release details: automatically generate a Confluence page with all the details from a release ticket when you transition it to done by adding the recipe as a post-function
  • Knowledge Base article: apply labels from the Jira issue to your Confluence page and make information easily searchable
  • Meeting notes: use the dynamic page title option to generate a page for notes based on the summary of the issue and activate the link option so meetings notes are easy to find from the issue
  • Marketing campaign: insert all the campaign details and collaterals from your Jira issue onto a Confluence page and get started on the details of your marketing campaign
  • Employee onboarding: new hire request received on Jira Work Management? Publish all the details on a Confluence page where the manager or team members can add details
  • RFP process: Jira Work Management forms are perfect for the RFP process, and everything submitted can be easily published to a Confluence page for the next step in the process

Try button Publish to Confluence.png


Using Jira on premise?

If you're on Jira Server or Data Center, you can create Confluence pages from Jira with our app Elements Copy & Sync. Check out this example of how it works to create a post-mortem or read our product documentation.

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John Rotondo March 17, 2023

How do I make this a bi-directional link? Ideally, this should show up as a linked page within the Jira issue as well as a link to the ticket from the Confluence page. How do I go about adding that?

Update: Nevermind! I can see that it's automatically added once a link to the ticket has been added to the Confluence page!

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