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How to Make Confluence Meeting Notes easy and effective

Croomo & Meetical success story 

In this success story we present you an App which helps you to manage your meetings and meeting minutes easy and effective. Directly from your Calendar.

Check out the App Meetical Meetings for Confluence on the Atlassian Marketplace. 

Team Type: Business & Software Development 

There are three mains teams at Croomo using the Atlassian suite, with around 50 people in total, using Jira and Confluence to manage work ranging from SAAS development, SAAS support work, E-Learning and XR content. Croomo uses primarily Jira and Confluence, with a little bit of Trello. 


The Croomo crew celebrating one of their awards


Company: Croomo Ltd.

Croomo is an award-winning digital training development agency, for workforce and other learners. The company offers a range of digital learning services including eLearning, Immersive Training, Video Production, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality training designed to spark more engaging, effective and inspired learning.

The company was in search for an easy and effective solution to help organizing meeting minutes and meeting note pages in Confluence for their growing organization.


Challenge: Taking meeting minutes is a chore for most teams

When Tanya Fraser, Project Manager and Digital Producer at Croomo, joined the company there was no uniform approach to minute taking at Croomo. Some teams did take minutes, others did not. It was an ad hoc approach and manual process.

People often could not remember important details, missed decisions and forgot about action items. The minutes would often be filed, just sent as an email or put in Google docs … and no one would ever see them again.

Teams at Croomo weren't using Confluence Meeting Notes because they were "a bit painful". Confluence minutes really wasn't going to happen for Croomo, also because it was an extra manual process.


App: Meetical for Confluence

Meetical integrates your work Calendar with Confluence to create a Confluence Meeting Notes pages based on calendar events. The pages created with Meetical contain all relevant meeting information and the link to the page is added to the calendar event. Meeting Notes pages can be created and reached directly from the Calendar and meeting information is automatically updated.

The App comes with direct Calendar Integration:



Meetical for Confluence - Process Illustration: Calendar Integration with Confluence

The App Meetical Meetings for Confluence Meetical makes minute taking with Confluence really easy: you create a meeting, click a button on your Calendar or in Confluence and the minutes are created and linked immediately. This allows the organizer and every participant to contribute to the agenda ahead of time, to take minutes during the meeting and to share results with the participant list and beyond, making knowledge accessible for the whole team and company. 

Additionally, Meetical keeps recurring meetings organized and structured by creating a parent page for meeting series and by automatically re-using the same template for every meeting of that series. The App also also allows you to create and use custom meeting templates. Both Google and Microsoft / Outlook 365 are supported as Calendar Providers.

Because Meeting Notes are linked to the Calendar, everyone can find meeting minutes for current, past and future meetings very fast. 

Meetical is finally increasing the use of Confluence in general, making Confluence easier to start with for new users and fosters the practice of minute taking and sharing across the whole organization. 


Feedback / Review of app

After that Tanya Fraser introduced Meetical at Croomo, the company is noticing a standardizing of the way people are doing minutes. It’s helping the company implement an effective approach for minutes, especially for the key meetings, in a "pretty painless" way. 


Screenshot 2020-06-25 13.30.24.png

Great feedback from Croomo


The following is an extract of an interview with Croomo.

Question by Lukas (Meetical): How was the situation at Croomo regarding meetings before Meetical and how did the App help improve work? 

Answer from Tanya (Croomo):

Before Meetical, there was an ad hoc approach to taking minutes. Some teams did, others did not. It wasn’t a uniform approach. They would often be filed, just sent as an email or filed in Google docs. Even in the two weeks, I'm noticing a standardizing of the way people are doing minutes now, because Meetical is helping us standardizing our approach to minutes, especially for the key meetings.

Meetical is basically allowing us to introduce meeting minutes into the organization in a pretty painless way. People have been trying to do it like put them in Google docs… and no one would ever see them again. And we weren't using Confluence minutes because they were a bit painful.

The Meetical App has made meeting notes with Confluence really easy: you create a meeting, click a button and the minutes are created and linked immediately. On the day, people go to the Google calendar, look at it, find the link, they go to the page and that’s it! We're sharing the minute taking in our meetings, cause you know, we don't have a secretary or someone to take minutes. And so everyone in the teams is getting an opportunity to contribute on Confluence to that.

It's working really, really well – and it's so fast to use, that's the beauty of it! 

Tanya Fraser - Project Manager at Croomo Ltd.


Get Meetical for Confluence

Sounds exciting also for your team? 

Try the Meetical App and help your company to prepare and document meetings effectively. Foster the practice of collaboratively taking meeting notes on Confluence!

Meetical for Confluence with Calendar Integration is available at the Atlassian Marketplace:

You can find additional information about the App on Meetical's Website at and you can reach out for questions and tailored consulting to the Meetical crew at

Make Meeting Notes in Confluence effective and easy with Meetical!




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