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How to Integrate Jira to X

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As messaging apps go, X is one of the best worldwide, with 436 million monthly active users as of 2022, and 217 million daily active users. This means including it in your omnichannel support might be something worth considering. So, for those of us using Jira Service Management, we can easily connect our X accounts with Jira.

Today we are going to demonstrate how you can integrate X with Jira using X Connector for Jira

Why you should integrate Jira with X

With so many potential users worldwide, it makes sense to capitalize on such a great opportunity. According to this study, 64% of customers would rather contact a business through their X account than through an official business call. People are opting for social media communications more and more each day, and that actually works to a company's benefit. So why connect Jira Service management with X?

Well, there are a few reasons.

Quicker response time

By integrating Jira with X, every mention as well as direct message are automatically converted into Jira tickets. This will quickly be added to an agent's Jira backlog, and they can get to it from there, rather than needing to remember to sign in to X to see the latest mentions or messages.

Reach more customers

When you offer customers a channel, they habitually use as a form of contact, they are more likely to reach you if anything goes wrong. This is instead of avoiding things or dreading having to send an email or make a phone call. It offers them an alternative channel they can choose when they need to.

Deal with problems before they escalate

When you automatically receive tickets with inquiries and problems, you get to them straight away. This way you're far more likely to put out fires than wait for things to get worse.

More organized workflow

When forming a Jira X integration, you reduce the amount of channels your agents have to wade through every time they need to deal with customer inquiries. When they all go to the same place, it's far easier to deal with things in the order they come in, rather than needing to switch channels every now and then to keep up.

Reduce costs

Last but not least is reducing costs. With everything becoming more organized and going through the same channel, it's much easier for your agents to deal with Jira tickets without getting overwhelmed. This way, there's more organization, and you won't need to hire multiple agents per channel to deal with customer support.

How to integrate Jira with X

A Jira to Xintegration can be quite simple and can be done in two steps. But first, you'll need to create a dedicated support account on X.

Step One:

The first step is to install the app to use it.

To do that, you should:

  1. Click on 'Find new apps'
  2. Search for 'X Connector for Jira'
  3. Click on it
  4. Go to 'Try it free'
  5. Choose 'Start free trial'
  6. Wait for it to be added
  7. Click on 'Manage app'

For visual instructions, you can watch this video:

How to Install X Connector for Jira 

Step Two:

The second step is linking your X account with Jira.

To do that, you need to:

  1. Head to Project settings in your Jira account
  2. Scroll down the left side-bar
  3. Choose 'Link X Account'
  4. Click on 'Log in with X'
  5. A pop-up will appear
  6. Click on 'Authorize app'
  7. Copy these numbers
  8. Insert under 'PIN code'
  9. Click 'Next'
  10. Choose 'Get IT help'
  11. Head to 'Resolved'
  12. Then 'Save'
  13. The linked X account will now be visible

For visual instructions, you can watch this video:

How to Link X Support Channel with Jira 

With that, you've successfully connected your X account with Jira.


Optimizing the use of an ITSM tool can help your agents collaborate better together. With the help of an X to Jira integration, you can convert direct messages, mentions, or posts from customers into Jira issues. Any comment on Jira issues will be sent to the customer as a response. This integration will play a great role in boosting both your productivity and your customer support's efficiency.



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