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How Your Agile Team Can Work on a Jira Mobile App

With 71% of companies now adopting agile methodologies, the need to cater to agile teams is on the rise. From understanding how to create the teams, to how to ease their workflow, many things should be considered. As most companies are hiring more and more remote workers, teams should be able to reach one another through both their laptops and their phones, especially when there's an important project scheduled for release. But how can an agile team work on a mobile app? This post will help you learn more about how they can make it work.

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What is an agile team?

An agile team is a group of individuals with different skills and experience levels working together to deliver small projects in a short amount of time. This agile approach works better with a smaller team of around five to eleven people. Projects seem to work faster with fewer miscommunications in groups with less individuals involved.

As a project management tool, Jira Software is the ideal solution to better serve agile teams in helping organize and track the project throughout its cycle. It also improves communication, as well as team-round collaboration. Especially on the go.

But how can agile teams collaborate using Jira on their phones? That's what we're here to discuss.

Create issues through mobile phones

The best way for agile teams to communicate better is to be able to reach one another easily. With most communication companies such as Slack, Teams, and Flock coming out with desktop and mobile versions of their apps, this has become a no-brainer at this point. The same goes with collaboration on work through Jira.

With the help of apps such as Mobile for Jira, this collaboration has been made much easier. Teams can create, edit, and comment on issues through their mobile phones. All it would take are a few simple steps through the mobile app to keep apprised of what's being done, add updates and comment on changes that need to be made.

Log work on the go

Another thing teams can do is log work on their Jira tickets through their phones. Whether they're not close to a desktop or laptop at that point, or they’ve opted to work on their iPad at the park for the day, using a Jira mobile app will facilitate their work process. It will also help them update the tickets and log in their work hours whenever they need to.

Stay notified of new updates

When working in a team, and cooperating on a project, no matter how big or small, the entire team is involved. More often than not, team members will have to wait for others to complete their parts before they can start on theirs. That's why it's important to stay on top of what is going on in the project and if there are any updates. With the help of push notifications, you can keep an eye on which stage the projects at, and when it’s time for you to finally start your work.

Not just that, but notifications can keep you in the loop in case of necessary changes that are required in a time-sensitive manner. Getting the notifications loud and clear will help you get to work faster.

View reports on their dashboards

One of the most important parts of the work process is seeing the progress in real-time, as well as studying the results carefully to work on new project cycles. As we all know, data is the key to more refined products, something all teams should be on top of as they get their work done.

A handy feature is the ability to integrate with apps such as Custom Charts for Jira in order to get custom charts and reports straight to your Jira dashboard. This way, teams can get the latest findings, pertinent information, and statistics on each project they're working on, and view them straight from their phones.

Integrate with third-party tools

Besides the aforementioned integration to Jira reports, Mobile for Jira will allow for other integrations to ease the work process. The team can access their Jira service desk and respond to customer inquiries and Jira tickets without leaving their phones. You can even integrate it with your social media accounts.

Each day, the Atlassian Marketplace is flooded with new and useful apps that help make the work process more and more efficient. So this is a ripe feature that can take your workflow to the next level.


If done right, transition and agile transformation can boost a company’s productivity and improve its workflow. But one of the most important things to consider is. Not only picking the right team, but also finding the right collaboration tools to help ease their workload. Giving them the flexibility to work using their phones will do a great deal of help to make that happen.



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