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Error during BigPicture sync

StayAtHome September 1, 2020

We have this error every time we sync BigPicture (after changing the order of issues (stories) on Gantt):

Partial synchronization with bigpicture in Core Development.
Updated tasks: CR-38 CR-39 CR-40 CR-41
CR-39 task synchronization
Details: The task type cannot be changed because the task cannot be edited

Why is BigPicture trying to change the task type?



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Radosław (SoftwarePlant) September 11, 2020


I can see you already have a live ticket with our Service Desk and we are waiting for more information to be able to analyze the cause of your problems.

In such cases where finding the cause of the problem requires more detailed analysis, it is best to contact our support team via

Radosław SoftwarePlant

StayAtHome September 28, 2020

Ok, the problem disapeared after Jira had been reindexed. :-)

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