Efficient Jira Recruitment workflow

Have you ever struggled with building the Recruitment process when your company actively grows?

Our experience shows the main challenges are about the phases and structure of the process itself.

Jira recently released the Business Type of projects that are keen to involve all business units to Jira (e.g: HR, Sales, Finance, Legal).

To make it clear, they propose the predefined Project setup to this Department’s representatives.

 reguitment template jira.png

Let’s see how this new approach looks, having the Recruitment as an example. 

Also, we're gonna show you how to make a bit of advanced settings with Business Process Manager add-on, since we do believe Recruitment can’t be effective without some Automation.

First of all, the Recruitment project has the following predefined settings: workflow with appropriate statuses, issue type, schema, permissions and issue fields. That’s very important, since creating those entities could be very annoying due to puzzling structured Project settings. 

Having a Recruitment project created, you can see the board that potentially can cover any more-less typical acquisition process.

reguitment process.png

Once issue equals one candidate, it seems to be simple.

The workflow is the following:

jira flow.png

As you can see, it covers the whole process with two possible outcomes: Hired or Rejected.

It seems very easy, however, every step of its workflow requires some people to do their job. For example, Screening process might include a language level check or background check. 

Those tasks take some efforts, since they also have structure and requirements.

How to make sure an Issue on this Board is ready for next status?

We here at SaaSJet released the add-on Business Process Manager that helps to run those sub processes.

Let’s say, in the scope of Candidate Screening, the company has to make Background Check.

In BPM add-on, it can be reflected as a Form to submit.

To prepare this Form that could be applicable to your personal needs, go to BPM → Create a new template and build the form. 

 background check in jira.png

 Once the form is prepared, click start and expect the Assignee to complete his job as a regular Jira Issue.

 employee background check process template in jira.png


background check custom form in jira.png

Automation to Start Template

Moreover, it’s possible to Start it Automatically using Jira Automation.

Let’s say, you want BPM add-on to publish a new form once the Issue has moved to Screening.

To do so, you have to make 2 simple configurations:

  • Get Background check Template Start URL 

Move to the add-on, click 3 dots button and open modal window with URL to copy

template start url.png

  • Set Jira Automation

Navigate to Project Settings → Automation → Create new Rule

Select “Issue transitioned”

 jira automation.png

Then select the FROM\TO Statuses

 unnamed (7).png

For the Action, select the option “Send web request”. 

unnamed (8).png

Paste the Template URL to Web request URL and select GET method.

 jira automation - get.png

As a result of this Automation, Jira will Start the Background Process once the Recruiter changes status from Applications to Screening. This is what Work Smart might look like.


Going forward, we could do similar Business Processes as sub-processes for Recruitment workflow next steps.

Let us know whether this instruction is useful. Would like to know more about how BPM can help you with Recruitment?



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Stuart Capel - London
Community Leader
Community Leader
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October 28, 2021

very detailed explanation - I definitely found it useful. Thanks for posting

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Julia Shcherbyna _SaaSJet_
Marketplace Partner
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October 28, 2021

@Stuart Capel - Londonthanks for your comment! Hope it will be useful for you. If you'll have any questions, be free to ask me here.

And also you can request a demo call, to ask more questions to our experts.


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