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Effective Meeting Notes in Confluence - Your Action Items will not remain unresolved any longer

Meeting Notes is a simple Confluence page template. It helps to organize meetings, to make sure that all important topics are discussed, and also with coming to conclusions. Unfortunately, the amount of meetings we attend is sometimes enormous and it can be difficult to always stay up to date with all decisions and action steps… Especially with those, where our action is required. Sometimes, it would be nice to have someone, who reminds us when we forget about something, so we can fully concentrate on more important topics. After all, our brains are made for thinking and producing, and not to memorize dates, right?

Sadly, we cannot help you with completing your tasks but we can show you how to make sure that you will never forget about them again!

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes is one of the native Confluence templates that we all love to use. It is handy and simple.


Let’s look at one of its common use cases. At Lively Apps, we wanted to discuss our meetings – how to perform them and how we can make them better. So we scheduled a dedicated meeting for this purpose. We prepared a page for the meeting using the Meeting Notes template. After the meeting, we had some decisions and action steps.


What happened then? Nothing. Our Action Items stayed unresolved. As the meeting is not recurring, there was nothing that would help us keep this topic in mind. The next time, we wanted to do it better. For example, we could assign responsibilities, so it is clear WHO should do the task. Our Action Items might then look like the following:


Now, after publishing the page, we receive an email saying “Hey, you have some tasks!”. But what do we usually do with these emails? We read them… and keep everything in mind… of course!️

Task Reminder

Task Reminder is an app for both the Data Center and Cloud versions of Confluence. It periodically searches for tasks assigned to you and sends you reminders. Currently, you can choose whether you want to receive reminders as emails or as Slack notifications (and Microsoft Teams integration is coming soon).

Considering our Meeting Notes scenario, a Slack reminder for Markéta might look like the following:


We can configure how often we want to receive these reminders, what should be included, etc. There are many customization options, which can help to create the best-fitting reminder content and use the maximum potential of Confluence tasks!


To bring this to perfection, one thing is still missing… Dates! In our scenario, let’s say we want to:

  • Schedule the next meeting as soon as possible,
  • Prepare questionnaire this week,
  • Create a knowledge base in the following month, depending on our availability.

How will the reminder look tomorrow? Clean and organized!


Tasks are divided into sections and ordered based on their priority. Now you can be sure that you will never miss anything important… Your Action Items will not remain unresolved any longer!

Do you want to explore more? Install Task Reminder for Confluence from the Atlassian Marketplace and get a free trial license for 30 days.



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