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Easier, Quicker Roadmapping with Structure & Structure.Gantt

12/21/2022:  Updated this post to add the newest features from the latest Structure.Gantt on-prem and cloud releases.

Hunting for updates, digging up data to make comparisons – those are the kind of small tasks that can eat up hours of your day. Structure.Gantt, Structure's most popular extension, has seen a number of updates to streamline work. Here's a rundown of what 2022 has brought so far.


For Jira Cloud Users

Create Gantt charts with zero effort

We’ve made Gantt chart creation as simple and straightforward as possible. No need to mess with all the configuration steps – a Gantt chart is now automatically created the first time you switch to the Gantt layout from Structure.


Mark your company’s fiscal year to get everyone on the same page

Structure.Gantt now lets you specify the start of your company’s fiscal year and mark it on Gantt charts, exported charts, and Structure.Gantt gadgets.



Fine-tune Gantt charts to better match processes in your organization

Thanks to a much-improved “Slices” experience, now it’s easier to track, manage, and apply bar configurations to your charts to better match the way your teams work, and make plans more visual – and clearer – to the greater organization.


Add Gantt charts to your Jira dashboards

Save yourself some clicks! Add your Gantt charts as a widget to your Jira dashboards – that way, you can quickly track project progress without even opening the app.


Track project progress with Baselines

A longstanding feature of our Data Center and Server version is now also on Cloud!

Setting baselines helps you keep an eye on how a project is doing. Now you can more easily see if your project is on track, compare your progress against project estimates, and take action before falling behind.



Spot critical tasks more easily

A critical path in project management is the sequence of dependent tasks that must be completed on time to deliver a project on schedule, so it’s important to highlight their importance accordingly.

We’ve made it easier to identify tasks and dependencies that make up the critical path. Such tasks now have red highlight around them, with dependency links marked red.


Filter by resource for easier planning

The Resources panel has always displayed all the relevant information for resource allocation. Now it's easier to find the information about a particular resource, so you can resolve conflicts and balance workloads quickly.

The filter-by-resource option lets you zero in on a resource (like Team Gantt in the screenshot) and both the structure and Gantt chart will only show matching issues.



Visualize parallel sprints in one Gantt chart

Not all teams work the same: One team might start on Monday, another Tuesday. Some sprints run two weeks, others three. In other words: Parallel sprints don't always line up.

We’ve made it easier to keep track of everyone’s timelines in Structure.Gantt. Now you can visualize parallel sprints with up to five unique start and/or end dates, making it simpler to manage shared resources and unique timelines across different sprints.



Set up future sprint dates for better long-term planning

The latest Structure.Gantt update gives you the option to use the future sprint dates already in Jira or configure your own, providing more options and flexibility.


For Jira Data Center & Server Users

All the new cloud features above are included in our on-prem editions, plus we've added the following new features for Data Center and Server users.

Easily migrate Gantt charts to the cloud

Now that Structure.Gantt is compatible with Jira Cloud Migration Assistant, it’s easier than ever to migrate your Structure.Gantt charts to the cloud.


Call out the important stuff with custom chart markers

Set up custom markers on your Gantt charts to draw attention to the most important details on your timeline, like certain dates and events.



Use baseline data from Gantt charts to get more insights

Baselines are handy for visually tracking progress, but Structure.Gantt on-prem takes it up a notch by letting you use baseline data from Gantt charts — like baseline start and finish dates — directly in structure formulas, transformations, and columns (like in the screenshot). Get more insights with minimal effort for better Jira project planning.




“Backup and restore” to save the day

Gantt charts are now included when you back up structures, so when those structures are restored, their corresponding Gantt charts are, too.


➡️  Need a Gantt chart and roadmapping app for Jira? Try Structure.Gantt free for 30 days.




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