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Customize and dig deep to uncover specific customer insights with Cprime's Surveys for Service Desk

Customer feedback is essential to improving your operations and highlighting issues which you might otherwise miss. Jira Service Desk's native customer feedback survey has very basic functionality only allowing for customers to respond to surveys using a non-configurable 1 - 5 star rating and a comment field to capture additional comments. This does not allow companies to ask the in-depth questions needed to really understand their shortcomings. Fortunately, Cprime's Surveys for Service Desk  not only allows for unlimited questions but complete configuration of your surveys so you can ask the questions you need, in the formats you want, to dig deep into uncovering what customers really think about your service.

Put simply, Surveys for Service Desk is a must have gather insight needed to make real change to your processes.  

A snapshot comparison between Native Jira Service Desk and Surveys for Service Desk

Surveys for Service Desk allows for much more configuration than native Jira Service Desk.JPG

Compared to Jira Service Desk's native survey functionality, Surveys for Service Desk has a range of additional features that will easily help you collect the specific and actionable feedback you are looking for in order to improve customer experience. Read on for more details.


1. Unlimited questions gives granularity needed to uncover important insights.

Surveys for Service Desk offers such a variety of question and answer formats that you'll be feeling like a kid in a candy store! Choose between things like checkbox, Yes/No options, radio buttons, text or other custom answers to design a survey that suits your needs. Mark if questions are required or not, making it easy for your customers to decide how much information they need to give. You can also design the interface of these surveys, adding your branding and other assets to make your surveys pop with your brand's unique personality. In comparison, native Jira Service Desk only allows customers to give your service a rating out of 5 stars and has one text field for additional comments with no branding options. 


Easily customize survey questions with surveys for service desk.png


2. Easily save several survey configurations and enable them when needed.

For instance, around Christmas you have higher demand of certain types of tickets and you want different surveys around the holidays. What you do is create several surveys: one generic and one specifically for Christmas time. Around Christmas, you disable the generic one and turn on the Christmas survey. After the holidays you can simply turn it off and switch on the generic survey again, no need to reconfigure anything, and you don’t lose your settings.

3. Specify which projects in Jira you want to use the surveys for

Some projects will need more customer input than others. Instead of bombarding your customers with surveys for every project, using Surveys for Service Desk you can easily select which projects you want to use surveys for



1. Triggered surveys ensure content is timely and relevant

On the Trigger Point tab, you can specify a condition that should trigger the email survey. This could be a change in the ticket status or a more complex JQL query. eg. you can program a survey so it is sent out only if high priority tickets were closed or a bug type issue was resolved. Unlike native Jira Service Desk where a survey is sent for every resolved ticket, using Surveys for Service Desk you can tailor the surveys to be sent only for issues you want specific feedback on, saving your customer from survey fatigue. 

2. Status change

By default, the green status category is set as trigger point (Done, Resolved, Closed...), so whenever such issues reach the "done" stage, an email survey is sent to the reporter - pending the survey frequency which you set in the next step. At this stage you can also select specifically which issues you want feedback on. For instance, the example below would gather feedback only when access or fault types of issues are resolved and customers aren't bothered about less critical tickets like IT help or general purchase questions.

Select conditions that will trigger a survey using surveys for service desk.png

Alternatively, you can create a custom JQL query to serve as a trigger point and then select this saved filter in the Saved filter field. For instance, in the example below, the surveys will be sent only to check service on the high priority bugs and would not bombard people's inboxes when any other tickets are being resolved

create a custom JQL query to serve as a survey trigger point in surveys for service desk.png

3. Frequency - control your sample size and demographic

Use this Frequency tab to specify the percentage of surveys will be sent for each ticket priority based on the issues' level of importance. Control when to send surveys to avoid spamming your customers. By default, the app draws on the Priority field. In the example below for instance, if you set the frequency to 100% for the Highest and High priority tickets, 50% on Medium priority and 10% on the Low / Lowest priority ones, every reporter who submitted a High / Highest priority ticket will receive a survey if it hits the trigger point, half of people will receive surveys on the Medium priority tickets, and only 10% of reporters who submitted a Low / Lowest priority tickets will receive a survey.

4. Filtering tickets to target custom fields

Alternatively, you can specify a custom field to filter out surveys. Select the Show Custom Fields checkbox and select another field. Examples of custom fields  that could be set up include certain products, Operating Systems, the options are endless.

specify a custom field to filter out surveys using surveys for service desk.png


Here you can use the advanced survey editor to customize your survey design.

example survey designs from surveys for servicce desk.pngCUSTOMIZED REPORTING OPTIONS FOR BETTER INSIGHTS


Compare the report from Native Jira Service Desk showing the rating per agent (left) with this dashboard from Surveys for Service Desk (right) showing several helpful stats and reports at a glance.

comparison of native JSP report vs surveys for service desk.png

Easily see the feedback from a variety of tickets at a glance with Surveys for Service Desk

Easily see the feedback from a variety of tickets at a glance with Surveys for Service Desk.pngView the survey feedback in the context of the ticket.

View the survey feedback in the context of the ticket with surveys for service desk.pngConclusion


If you want a tool that allows you to ask your customers specific and personalized survey questions, then look no further than Cprime's Surveys for Service Desk.  With our plugin's extensive data collection and reporting features, you will easily be able to dig deep and uncover the important customer insights needed to make a difference to your business. 





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