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Codegeist '21 Customer Choice Awards - Vote Now!


Last quarter, 290 developers participated in Atlassian’s annual hackathon, Codegeist, for a chance to win thousands of dollars with a new Marketplace app.

We announced winners selected by Atlassian last month, but now we want to hear from YOU! 🎤

Let us know in the comments of this post which top 3 published apps you think deserve the Customer Choice Awards in each of the 3 categories below by December 1st, and install these apps right here on the Marketplace.


Apps for Business Teams

SoftComply Static Snapshots for Confluence
SoftComply allows you to take a snapshot of a Confluence page at a specific moment in time, and store it in a repository of snapshots accessible from within a Static Snapshots page in Confluence, or from within a given Confluence page. This allows you to keep a record of dynamic content at specific moments in time.

Suri - Portfolio Project Reporting for Jira
Suri is a portfolio project reporting plugin for Jira that allows you to track Jira project progress.  With Suri, project managers can oversee progress and changes done at a macro level and easily spot projects with no activity, or projects that might need attention.

Custom Field Suite - Powerful Custom Field Types for Jira (free app)
Boost your user experience and customize Jira with elements like: MoSCoW prioritization, T-shirt size, issue rating, or a progress bar.

Advanced Children Display for Confluence (free app)
Navigate faster inside your Confluence page structure with an expandable and collapsable table of contents with Advanced Children Display for Confluence.

Protected Fields
Securely store your sensitive data and configure who can view and edit field data on a Jira issue with Protected Fields. Add protected fields to any project and configure them individually for different security schemes.

Magic Labels
Magic Labels for Confluence makes it easy to organize and manage your content by using features like bulk actions, automation rules, and highlight-to-label.

Better Labels for Confluence
Show your labels clearly within your Confluence page, add a description to each one, and even use a table to compile and display your labels.

Your Glossary
Your Glossary makes it easy for anyone in your organization to understand commonly used acronyms and definitions. Easily configure where definitions come from within your existing Confluence pages.

Timesheet Check for Jira
Timesheet Check is a solution that builds on the power of Tempo Timesheets to ensure your team is complying with labor laws. With this app, you can set up rules or use preset rules that relate to the 🇪🇺 EU's Working Time Directive*, combine them into reports, and run them against the timesheets you want to check.

Space Tools Pro for Confluence
Space Tools Pro provides a large set of tools to efficiently copy, create, move and delete spaces, pages, and page trees in one central location. Manage and navigate Spaces and Pages with ease.

PII Protection for Jira
PII Protection automatically checks incoming Service Requests written by your customers and all issues in your Jira instance in the background to quickly identify any occurrences of PII data in an intuitive UI and jump directly to the corresponding issue.

Community Lens (free app)
Community Lens helps you track community posts of interest from right within Confluence. Search for community content and get trends and insights on the Atlassian community with ease.

Page Owner
Sometimes the page creator is no longer the best person to ask about a Confluence page. With this app, you can display and easily update a page owner on any Confluence page.

Get Community Help for Jira (free app)
This app, brought to you by a Community Member, allows you to search the Atlassian Community right from Jira! (Also available for Confluence).

Stock Images for Confluence (free app)
Easily access high-quality stock images to add to your Confluence pages. Simply choose from recommended categories, do a keyword search for images, or have a random one suggested for you!

Get Community help for Confluence (free app)
This app, brought to you by a Community Member, allows you to search the Atlassian Community right from Confluence! (Also available for Jira).

Publish to Medium
Publish your Confluence page to Medium in just one click! Easily select your post status and license, and use a simple toggle to indicate whether you want to notify your followers or not, all from within Confluence.

Supersona for Jira aligns all of your marketing, service and product teams around a customer-centric vision by creating and storing customer, buyer and user personas in Jira. By empathizing with your customers' needs and goals, teams can make better decisions and and build better products.

Elements SkillQuest (free app)
See an overview of the skills on your team to easily surface skill gaps with SkillQuest, and gamify the way each team member gains new skills and experience to level up in their role.

Calendar for Confluence (free app)
Calendar for Confluence Cloud displays Jira issues as calendar events and their duration across a timeline. The calendar (month, week, day, or agenda view) is embedded into a Confluence page to allow you to easily keep track of your team’s workload from Confluence Cloud.

Imagine - Photos and Image Library for Confluence (free app)
Use the Imagine plugin to add over 2 million free high-resolution images directly from Unsplash onto your Confluence pages.

Quick Sketch (free app)
Create drawings and diagrams directly on a Jira issue to upload as an attachment with Quick Sketch. You can draw on, or highlight elements of an existing attachment, or even drag and drop an image from a file or your clipboard.

Content Toolbox for Confluence Cloud
Automate structuring and modifying page content in a Confluence space. For example, add labels to several pages at once or use the bulk find and replace tool.

Proofreading for Confluence (free app)
Add a “Request Proofread” action to a Confluence page to send a request to a selected team who is best suited to proofread your page. Include a message with your request and a deadline for the page to be proofread by.

Page Links for Confluence (free app)
Supercharge your page organization in Confluence by defining logical links between them. Set relationships between pages such as: related, follow-up, design for, documentation for, and read next to create a better overview for other users.

Paletto (free app)
A macro that provides color palettes in Confluence. You can save the palette and each color’s hex code, or generate a new random one.

Data Forms for Confluence
Create, embed and manage custom forms, surveys or checklists within Confluence. Data Forms makes it easy to maintain and standardize your data.

Secure Custom Fields for Jira (free app)
Secure Custom Fields gives you the ability to control who can view or edit field values. Jira administrators can create custom fields from the types and configure them like Jira standard custom fields.

SoftComply Risk Manager for Confluence (free app)
This app is an extension of the SoftComply Risk Manager on Jira Cloud to support your risk reporting in Confluence. You’ll be able to create risk macros on your Confluence pages to display the risk matrices and risk table of your chosen risk project.

Create from Template Pro (free app)
A revamped Create from Template Macro with advanced options like setting a parent page, adding custom variables, button formatting options and more.

Google Translation Automation for Jira Issue Language
Write issue comments, subjects, and descriptions in the language you're most comfortable in, and translate to another language with the push of a button. Supports over 100+ languages powered by Google Translate.



Apps for Software Teams

GitHub Action for Jira (free app)
Connect GitHub Action with your work in Jira Software to spend less time switching between Jira & GitHub. Use Smart Commit syntax to link branches and commits to Jira issues, view build status at a glance in the Jira issue screen, and review build status in the Release Hub.

One-to-One Analytics
Leverage GitHub or Bitbucket DC as a data source and add KPI metrics to your software engineer 1:1 meeting notes. Choose a time window, and narrow down the scope by selecting the repositories of interesting for the 1:1 meeting.

Smart Guess for Planning Poker for Jira Cloud
Make remote sprint planning flow naturally with Smart Guess for Planning Poker. Collaborate, plan and estimate the stories you plan on implementing in your Jira backlog.

Reporter - Project & Issue reports
Generate simple and effective reports on issues and projects in Confluence, and automate the process of creating them using Reporter.

My Mentions for Jira
Never miss an important message again with My Mentions for Jira. Find all the comments where you’ve been mentioned in the right section of any issue and search and filter them easily.

Http Status (free app)
Check API responses easily with custom field for http response status codes.

Runbook for Jira
Create customizable runbooks directly in your Jira issues, and keep track, update collaborate on important activities.


Apps for IT Teams

Assistant for Trello (free app)
Automatically create and transition Trello cards from right within Jira with Assistant for Trello. Even check if your issue is attached to a card and look up it’s details by clicking the link button from the Trello Assistant issue glance view.

Patrol for Jira
Help your organization secure Jira content, configuration and better detect intrusions and misuse with this vulnerability scanner for Jira.

Issue Timeline (free app)
Show an issue’s history visually on a timeline to understand how the issue has changed over time. See details like time spent on an issue in each status, when it was transitioned, commented on and more.

Links from Comments (free app)
Eliminate the need for manually linking issues with the Links from Comments app. Simply add a link to a different issue in the comments section, and it will automatically link the issue for you.

Issue Merger for Jira
Find and merge duplicate customer requests and issues in an easy and efficient way to keep your Jira backlog tidy.

Bring your projects to the enterprise level with agile@scale. With this app, you can build a hierarchy representing your business levels and associate all existing issues and activities to initiatives, or delegate an enterprise epic to a lower level by creating related activities within the selected lower-level project.

HubSpot CRM Integration for Jira
View rich customer data right within Jira Cloud Issues. With this app, HubSpot contacts are matched to Jira users and customers via their email addresses so that you can see information about the reporter in all types of projects.

Multilevel Select for Jira
Multilevel Select allows you to add custom fields with tree-like configuration to your Jira issues, and translate each option into any language available in Jira.

Improved Diff for Jira (free app)
Upgrade the Jira ticket changelog with improved text diff. Easily grasp differences with the help of color vs. opaque before and after display for text changes in tickets.

Koppla - External Data Connector for Jira
Configure sources in a Jira project to specify where data is coming from, what field to use to match data, and who is permitted to see the data. Set field values to find data to display, and view relevant data on your Jira issue.

Issue Assignment Rules for Jira
With Issue Assignment Rules for Jira, you can improve the task allocation process by setting automated rules for assigning users to Jira issues. Easily set the rules for any user picker field to be updated automatically when the status is changed.


What will our next fan-favorite Marketplace apps be? The choice is up to you...




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Ollie Guan
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
November 16, 2021

Apps for Business Teams

Community Lens (free app)

Apps for Software Teams

GitHub Action for Jira (free app)

Apps for IT Teams

Assistant for Trello (free app)


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Dylan Zeigler
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
November 16, 2021

Business Teams: Protected Fields

Software Teams: Reporter - Project and Issue reports

IT Teams: Improved Diff for JIRA

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Dikla Tavor-Haimpur November 21, 2021

Supersona is so creative!! Got my vote :-)

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Venkat Patchigolla November 22, 2021
  1. Apps for Business Teams:- PII Protection for Jira
  2. Apps for Software Teams:- One-to-One Analytics
  3. Apps for IT Teams:- Patrol for Jira
Like Parke Hunter likes this
Parke Hunter
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
December 2, 2021

Thank you for all of your votes! Voting has now closed.

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