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📢 Automatic archiving for Confluence Cloud by Better Content Archiving

Levente Szabo _Midori_
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
December 9, 2022

Hi All!

UPDATE on July 25, 2023


Better Content Archiving for Confluence Cloud is now released with custom statuses, automatic notifications and automatic archiving!
Better Content Archiving introduces Automations dedicated to content lifecycle management. as well, It is an extensible framework that brings the "archive" and "delete" actions as a start. The door is open for other actions later.

Go ahead now and try Better Content Archiving for Confluence Cloud now!


I'm Levente, and I work at Midori, one of the oldest Atlassian app developers out there.

Our Confluence content lifecycle management app, Better Content Archiving has become a standard CLM app in the past 14(!) years for Data Center and Server users.

I know many of you are starting your Confluence journey on Cloud now, so I wanted to hint at the news here that Better Content Archiving Cloud is coming!

We are launching an Early Access Program soon with a limited number of users. If you are interested, please join the EAP program and get access as soon as possible. Drop me an email at and also join our Slack if you can.

What is Better Content Archiving for Confluence?

It's automatic content lifecycle management for Confluence optimized for scale. It's geared towards larger teams, but if you are just starting out with a small team, you can still take advantage! Start building your content lifecycle management strategy early until you don't have a lot of expired pages. Listen to us, it comes from 14 years of experience: don't wait until it hurts!

You can:

  • Create your set of rules for not viewed and expired content.
  • Introduce your own status definitions and take action based on those.
  • Send automatic notifications to the responsible stakeholders.
  • Customize the notification email template to tailor for different recipients
  • Easily manage content rules and email templates for many, even hundreds of spaces 
  • Launch a content review workflow based on usage metrics or at a pre-defined schedule for periodic content reviews.
  • Keep an always up-to-date Confluence by archiving content automatically
  • ... many more! Learn more about the DC/Server versions in the Documentation.

The upcoming cloud version will differ from, and at places exceed the on-prem version.

Join the EAP to learn more and be sure to watch the first teaser video:

Better Content Archiving for Confluence Cloud (1).png



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