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Atlassian Community Events Etiquette

The Atlassian Community is a place where customers connect, share best practices, and learn from fellow product users. Whether online or offline, we strive to create a safe space that encourages growth, diplomacy, and collaboration, and have established community etiquette guidelines accordingly. 

While attendance and participation in these events is voluntary and solely at the discretion of the attendee, we require all participants attending Atlassian Community Events (ACE) to adhere to the following guidelines, which will help ensure a positive experience for all involved.


  • Be inclusive

  • Introduce yourself to at least one person you have not met before (or someone new to the Community)

  • If you can no longer attend an event, please remove your RSVP (especially for waitlisted events) to help Leaders accommodate all attendees 

  • Volunteer to help at the event (run check-in, take photos, introduce other incoming members)

  • If there is a concern during the event, please let the ACE Leader know immediately

  • Sharing is caring: Limit your swag intake so others can enjoy the perks, too

  • Please help your Leaders by picking up after your belongings/trash

Avoid the following:

  • Sales pitches

  • Abrasive language or tone, as this is a space to drive open dialogue and collaboration

  • Attending any events if you feel sick or unwell


  • Please arrive early to help confirm everything is ready for your presentation (A/V, etc.)

  • Present on use cases — demos are welcomed, as long as they relate to the event topic/are approved by ACE Leader

  • Verify content is approved by Leaders to be used and remove all proprietary information

  • Partners are allowed to have one introduction slide to share company information and services they provide

  • Share expertise through best practices and helpful tips related to product usage and processes

Other guidelines:

  • No sales pitches (keep to the one introduction slide and less than 5 minutes to describe your business and services)

  • Respect the allotted presentation time


Confirm promotional and marketing efforts with Leaders PRIOR TO EVENT

  • Presenting: Please refer to "PRESENTER" guidelines listed above

  • Promotional pamphlets/flyers: Limit to educational content for members and items related to event content

  • Promotional signage/items: If you're a Partner, sponsor, or vendor, please limit it to two pieces of signage (that are not directional signs); swag: if sponsoring an event, feel free to share some free swag with members

  • Promoting other events: Leaders can announce or promote other opportunities at the event or in newsletters that are inclusive to all other organizations

  • Recruiting: Recruiting is not permitted at Community Events; if a member shows interest, ask them to contact you at a later time. If this is brought to Atlassian's attention, this will impact the opportunity to attend a future event.

  • Limited time rules due to COVID restrictions: If you are an Atlassian Community Leader and you wish to ask participants for email addresses or mailing addresses in order to (1) send them swag; or (2) invite them to be a speaker elsewhere, you may do so provided that you use their contact information only for these two use cases and you respect any request from participants to stop communication at any time

No promotional exclusivity within the following areas:

  • Dedicated emails promoting events

  • At event venues

  • Event page recognition


Venue sponsorships:

  • Host to provide a point of contact for venue

  • Leaders to confirm A/V needs

  • Marketing/promotional items should be related to the content being presented only

Food/beverage sponsorships:

  • If food or beverage is going to be purchased on behalf of the ACE, please confirm the amount and dietary restrictions needed with Leaders prior to purchasing

  • Once confirmed, we ask all sponsors to purchase orders directly on behalf of the event

  • Confirm delivery details with Leaders, so they may plan accordingly

All sponsors will be acknowledged on the dedicated event page and during event announcements.


Please note that photography and audio or video recording may occur at the Atlassian Community Event by or on behalf of Atlassian. You agree that Atlassian may use or share any such photographs or recordings containing your image, voice, or likeness if captured, in connection with any advertising or promotional content, program or material for the Event, Atlassian, or for any other lawful purpose, including posting on public websites. However, Atlassian is not obligated to use your image, voice, name or likeness, or exercise any of its rights granted herein.


Read our partner and vendor online guidelines here

Read our general community event guidelines here.



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Kirk Gould December 7, 2020

Thanks for the rules.

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Alfonso Mezzullo
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
March 31, 2021

Nice 👍🏻

Kate Li
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
September 9, 2021


Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
October 26, 2022

Thanks, well noted

I'm New Here
I'm New Here
Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
May 3, 2023


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