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App Review: 📉 Polls for Confluence - Trigger Feedback & Enagement

Would you sometimes like to have

  • feedback on a question,

  • responses on which design is better received, or

  • find out which time suits your team best to held a meeting?

With the app Polls for Confluence you can create and share simple polls in Confluence, and invite others to participate in your polls. Participants can choose from among predefined answers, and give instant feedback to your questions. Polls for Confluence is easy to embed in a Confluence page and therefore very uncomplicated to share and respond too.

In this app review I would like to introduce you to the app, tell you a little bit more about the application scenarios and point out the pros and cons.

Let's start!



So, I stumpled across the app because I am a huge feedback-seeker. Also as an a former event manager I really like getting people on board at an early stage and incoporate feedback into the planning process. 💬

General Information

First, let's cover the basics: Here are some general information about the hosting type, the vendor and how the vendor operates to ensure a secure use of the app.

  • Available for: Cloud, Data Center, Server

  • Vendor: Mohami Atlassian Apps (an Appfire Company)
  • Marketplace Listing: Polls for Confluence 

Application Scenarios

Polls for Confluence can be utilized for many use cases. Here are some application scenarios to give you an idea of the flexible use of polls:

  • gather feedback on a new feature/product/campaign or service

  • test preferences for potential locations, refreshments, speakers or entertainment program

  • solicit feedback on instructor performance from a training session

  • ask meeting attendees for feedback on your meeting in order to check the effectiveness

  • collect responses to event invitations or participation in a lunch break/after-work get together

  • kick off the week with a fun ice breaker to lighten the mood on a monday

  • quick gathering of quantities (and sizes), for example when you like to order new team t-shirts


To give you an idea what the app looks like in Confluence I created some sample polls.

Let’s start with a simple and basic idea. Imagine you changed up the Confluence dashboard. To understand if you changed it to the better, you could run a quick poll to see how everyone in the organization gets along with the new dashboard. Or if maybe some employees need further help or assistant.


Another very quick poll is created to get to know your team or organization better. Let’s end the week with asking how the majority of the company likes their pizza:


Another idea is to ask for an opinion. For example: Out of these suggestions which do you like better?



You can also embed more than one poll on a page to start planning a lunch break or get together. I prepared a sample page to show you what this could look like.



There are endless possibilities to include polls in your daily business.

But in order to bring this Review to an end I would like to continue to point out some of the great functionalities that come with the app.

Feature Highlights 📎

  • There’s no option limit - every poll can have as many options as you like.

  • Users can vote for one or multiple options.

  • Users are able to change their votes within the running time of a poll (when enabled by creator).

  • Users can add their own options (when enabled by creator).

  • Polls can be embedded on wiki pages or blog posts by using the Polls-macro.

  • Polls can be closed manually, or by setting up an end date/expiry date.

  • Page restrictions can be used to limit access to a poll.

  • The names of the voters can stay anonymously (when enabled by creator).

  • The results are being displayed once a user vote has been placed or when the poll is closed (depending on thechoosen setting of the creator).

Pros & Cons

➕ Pros

  • Color Picker - you can pick any color you want to customize your polls

  • Polls have their own URL which can be shared to all users that have product access

  • Pie charts and summary graphs of responses are visualized in real-time

  • Polls can be exported as a CSV file for further reporting

  • Polls can be easily embedded on every Confluence page

  • You can use Emojis in the option fields

  • Anonymous voting possible

➖ Cons

  • No Open-Ended Questions possible

  • No ‘Ranking Poll’ possible

  • No Quizzes possible, not possibility to store a correct answer

  • Only supports text, not possible to embed images in your answers


The app is quickly installed and requires no further setup. Polls for Confluence can be used immediately by any user and is simple to work with.

In addition to funny team-building polls, the app can be useful for collecting feedback of any kind. The biggest advantage I see, is that it gives the user the opportunity to react to content. Not just with a like or a comment, but by answering specific questions.

After all, it's often the case that we consume a lot of content, but then when asked for our opinions and feedback, we're lazy to write a standing. The app lets us be more interactive, it's another way to show engagement with the content in Confluence.

I also really like the possibility that you can create a survey by adding a couple of polls to one single Confluence page. The individual URL make it easy to share the survey not only within Confluence but also to share the link via Slack/Teams or E-Mail. It goes without saying that creating polls directly in Confluence also saves you having to use third-party applications. 💙

Now we took a very close look at the app. But I hope you enjoyed this review and even more: I hope you found this article helpful.

If you have installed the app - What do you think about it? Any pros or cons that needs to be added to the list?




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Özge Kavas August 6, 2021

Thank you for this quick wrap-up @Svenja Lorenzen ! 😊 This app looks really user-friendly and attractive. As an answer to pizza with pineapple: Ugh... Hell no! 😄

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Svenja Lorenzen
Rising Star
Rising Star
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August 8, 2021

Hi @xw _ Özge Kavas

Thank you so much! I can say that it is very user friendly and intuitive. A poll is created within a couple of minutes and after that it can be easily shared.

To answer the pineapple question: I’m totally with you! No pineapple is allowed to touch my pizza. 😂❌

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