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Adaptavist + Tempo webinar: Save time with Tempo and ScriptRunner automations

Maxime Nie [Tempo] October 29, 2019

 Adaptavist Tempo Update .png

Hi everyone!


On behalf of Adaptavist and Tempo, I would like to invite you all to a webinar that will happen on December 5th.


What can we do to make Tempo faster? Automate the process! 


In this webinar, we will introduce you to a selection of the new Tempo scripts in the Adaptavist Library and give you a real-life use case for these scripts. We’ll then take a deep dive and share what they can achieve to save you time through automation in Jira. 


What you’ll take away 


  • Learn how to save time through automation with Tempo and ScriptRunner
  • Real-life situations where the scripts will work perfectly
  • An overview and understanding on how to use Adaptavist Library 
  • Live Q&A with ScriptRunner and Tempo experts 


Register to the webinar today and start your path towards time tracking mastery! If you can’t make it and join us live, you'll receive the full recording in a follow-up email. 

Look forward to seeing you all! 


PS: if you have any questions  - ask away and we’ll feature them during the Q&A session.


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Shawn Evans December 4, 2019

Will all of the examples be applicable to the Cloud versions?

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