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3 steps to automate work routine in Jira Cloud

How often do you forget about some of your tasks? 

Most managers usually face the problem of multi-tasking. Cause it’s hard to keep in mind all issues. So, you forget to do something - which may cause bottlenecks in the working process and leads to cost losses. 

Creating a description of a task, choosing an assignee, and setting a priority level took a lot of time. To avoid loss of time, managers should have a tool to keep all the tasks in a single place.

There is no need to spend lots of time creating repetitive tasks and asking about task completion anymore. You can delegate these tasks to the Business Process Manager. Set up the add-on once and then control the processes. 

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Follow the 3 steps to learn how to automate repetitive tasks and save time for more important things.

1 Step. Move your workflow process from Google documents or paper to Business Process Manager.

Transform process to build-in or custom Templates, with one or several steps with an intuitive drag and drop menu. 


To create a task automatically for a particular employee, select the due date and a person as an Assignee. A system creates a separate issue for each assignee if there are a few ones. Now he handles the task that needs to be done. The next step of the Template will start when the previous one is completed and approved.


2 Step. Automate procedures

To make Templates work as a well-tuned musical instrument, add a flexible schedule. This greatly simplifies the management process! The add-on creates tasks and collects the necessary information automatically. Repeat the Template daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, every other Friday, every 2 months on the 11th. As you wish. 

Use Scheduling with other functions to avoid extra efforts and speed up micromanagement.


To improve your business processes in Jira, connect the add-on with the Jira automation using the Template Start URL

Step 3. Monitor team performance.

To control all active procedures in your team, use the Processes tab. According to this, you can insights into what works the best for your team's achievements.


You have read an article that takes you 10-15 minutes. If you go further, you will free a few more hours by making your routine easier, and try Business Process Manager for free. What do you think about this functionality? How can you use it in your working process? Or you have already used it? Please, share your opinion with us.



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