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behavior script add an option value depending on the user group

wajih zouaoui July 24, 2019



i'm trying to create a groovy script with behavior to add an option value to a custum field depending on the reporter group.

The vlue mustbe setwhile creating the issue.


we have a custom field with 20 optiosn values and a match user groups with the same values.

The script can search for the user group and then try to make a match with the custom feld values and if find something it will set the values found on the customfield while creating the issue.

I have an old script and it stop working ( i think after we done the jira upgrade from 6.4 to 7.13 and the plugin has been updated also).

Here is the script we have now:


import com.atlassian.jira.component.ComponentAccessor;
import org.apache.log4j.Category;

Category log = Category.getInstance("com.oddo.behaviours");
def cfSDGList = getFieldById("customfield_10061");
def cfOwner = getFieldById("customfield_10103");
def user = ComponentAccessor.JiraAuthenticationContext.getLoggedInUser();

Boolean fieldVisible = !ComponentAccessor.getGlobalPermissionManager().hasPermission(Permissions.USER_PICKER, ComponentAccessor.jiraAuthenticationContext.user)
Map fieldOptions = [:] ;
fieldOptions.put ("13940", "Undefined") ;
def optionToSelect;

//find the team the user belongs to
def groupList = ComponentAccessor.getGroupManager().getGroupsForUser(user);
def reporterTeamGroup = groupList.find { !( it.value !== /(jira\-.*|Dash.*|Clients)/ ) }
//If we founbd a matching group, find the possible options of the SdG List Field
if (reporterTeamGroup) {
def optionsManager = ComponentAccessor.getOptionsManager();
def cfSDGListCF = ComponentAccessor.getCustomFieldManager().getCustomFieldObject(cfSDGList.getFieldId());
def fieldConfig = cfSDGListCF.getRelevantConfig(getIssueContext());
def options = optionsManager.getOptions(fieldConfig);
//set the CF values
optionToSelect = options.find { it.value == reporterTeamGroup.split(" - ")[0] };
//If we found something, add the value to the list of filtered options, and set the option of the select list we found if it isn't already defined (empty or "Undefined")
if (optionToSelect) {
fieldOptions.put (optionToSelect.getOptionId().toString(), optionToSelect.getValue()) ;
if ((!getUnderlyingIssue()?.getCustomFieldValue(ComponentAccessor.getCustomFieldManager().getCustomFieldObject("customfield_10061"))) || (cfSDGList.getValue()=="Undefined") ) {


if (fieldVisible) {cfSDGList.setFieldOptions (fieldOptions);}
if (!getUnderlyingIssue()?.getCustomFieldValue(ComponentAccessor.getCustomFieldManager().getCustomFieldObject("customfield_10103"))) {cfOwner.setFormValue(user);}



Thanks in advance and sorry i'm trying to learn groovy.


Best Regards,


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0 votes
Yury Lubanets August 8, 2019


What is the error? Could you add error details here?

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