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access epic link value from behviour in create issue in epic screen

luka montin December 10, 2020


I want to hide some issue types if creating an issue in an epic ..  like epic itself. 

I am trying this by trying to access the auto-filled-in "epic link" value from a behavior ( initialiser) when creating an issue from an epics "create issue in epic" using the "+"


def epicLinkField = getFieldById('Epic Link')

log.debug("epicLinkFieldvalue:" + epicLinkFieldvalue )

I get 

Form field ID: Epic Link, value: null

I want to hide some issue types if the epic link has a value since it will usually only have a value if you are creating an issue FROM an epic.

If you know how to access the epic link value .. or have another suggestion how do hide epics issuetype when creating inside an epic  ..  please let me know 

Thanks in advance 

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0 votes
Der Lun _Adaptavist_ January 25, 2021

Hi Luka,

Thank you for using ScriptRunner

Before we dive into the technicalities of your requirement, perhaps if you could let us know what is the problem that you are trying to solve then we might be able to provide a better suggestion

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