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Web item opens field screen for ticket

Deleted user December 19, 2017


our tickets have a lot of custom fields which should be editable by our developers. Now i want to make this as comfortable as possible. The two options i know of and i am currently using are, to order the fields into tabs or to have a seperate field screen linked to a transition from the status to itself.

Now my favourite option would be to add a button to the "operations-top-level" that opens a field screen to edit some values in the ticket. Is there currently a way to do this with the help of the Script fragments?

Greetings, Julian

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Joanna Choules
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December 20, 2017

Hello Julian,

Field screens are only available to the user if they are associated to an issue operation or a workflow transition, so a script fragment would have to cause one of those two things to occur in order for a field screen to appear. For this reason I think you should probably stick to the self-transition approach you've already been using, but within that approach you can create a script fragment that will link directly to the field screen as follows:

  1. Go to the script fragments page and create a new custom web item. Set location, key, menu text etc. the way you want them.
  2. Set 'Do what' to 'Navigate to a link'.
  3. Set 'Link' as 'http://YOUR_JIRA_ROOT_URL/secure/CommentAssignIssue!default.jspa?id=${issue.getId()}&action=ACTION_ID_OF_SELF_TRANSITION'. The parts in all-caps are what you need to replace with the values appropriate to your circumstances.

When you click on this web item, you will be taken to a page showing the field screen for the transition: it basically looks and behaves exactly like the usual dialog box except it's in its own page, rather than being overlaid on the page you were on before. I don't know whether that's exactly what you were looking for in terms of UX but I think it's as close as you can come to what you want.

Hope the above helps.



Deleted user December 21, 2017

Hey Jake,

thanks for the answer! It's not exactly what i was looking for (especially the entry in the feed about changing the status when someone just changed some fields in the issue), but i think it's good enough.

On a side note (not directly connected to this ticket): You also answered on a ticket i'm currently watching because it's similar to one of our problems (Turn on notifications for all organization members). Maybe you can also help with tht one? (Turn on notifications for organization members when added to ticket)



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