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Using "issue.assigneeId =" in Workflow post function script not working for edited JIRA accounts

Wayne Cranford February 6, 2019

Environment - Adaptavist ScriptRunner v5.3.5 with JIRA v 7.4.4

Using the "Clones an issue" Script Post Function, one of the actions is to assign the issues to specific JIRA accounts using:

issue.assignedId ="xxx"  

It works for 50 out of 52 different Cloned issues, and the 2 that do not work are accounts where the Username of the JIRA account had been edited.  The specific entries are as follows:

issue.assigneeId = "cable_jiras"
issue.assigneeId = 'mcp_jiras'

All Clones are properly created, but for these 2 Cloned issues instead of the associated Full Name for the account appearing as the Assignee, it is the value entered within the " "".  (1st screenshot). No notifications are sent to the account, and using filters it does not show as being assigned to that account. 

Attempts to assign from the View screen shows the erroneous entry along with the actual entry. (2nd screenshot) 

Both of these account as used as Component Leads for several of the Components, and this works properly, it is only the assigment through the Post Function script.

Toggling the JIRA accounts to Inactive and back to Active does not change the operation. Neither did re-indexing or restarting the server.

I verified it is the editing of the Username by testing with other accounts.   

Both of the above accounts are associated with a number of issues and are tied to automation from other systems, so creating new accounts is not something the teams are interested in doing.




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