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Unable to bypass Organisation SSO to access tests in TM4J with API

Deleted user October 18, 2019

Hi Team,


We have issues retrieving test case related information using TM4J API. We have followed the steps from the documentation:


Our JIRA application is integrated with organization’s SSO. Due to which we are not able to access tests using TM4J api’s.

Below is our sample API using Advance Rest Client/Postman:

URL: https://jira.xxxxxxx/rest/atm/1.0/testcase/{TCID}

Method: GET


Authorization: Basic xxxxxxx

Cookie: OBBasicAuth=fromDialog


While performing GET, organization’s SSO page is returned.


The same approach works with JIRA issues.

URL: https://jira.xxxxx/rest/api/latest/issue/{issue-id}

Method: GET


Authorization: Basic xxxxxxx

Cookie: OBBasicAuth=fromDialog


We were able to retrieve the info of issue-id in the response received.


Can you please let us know

  1. What cookies need to be set to bypass organization sso?
  2. Is our approach correct ?



Below is the sample java code written to retrieve info


HttpClient httpClient = new HttpClient();
String method = "https://jira.xxxxxxxx/rest/atm/1.0/testcase/{TCID}";
String method1 = "https://jira.xxxxxxxx/rest/api/latest/issue/{issue-id}";
GetMethod getMethod = new GetMethod(method1);
getMethod.addRequestHeader("Cookie", "OBBasicAuth=fromDialog");
getMethod.addRequestHeader("Authorization", "Basic xxxxxxxxxx");
int state = httpClient.executeMethod(getMethod);
String response = getMethod.getResponseBodyAsString();

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