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Trying to set default labels for an issue collector via fieldValues with javascript

john doe
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I'm New Here
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May 13, 2021

 window.ATL_JQ_PAGE_PROPS = { "triggerFunction": function(showCollectorDialog) { //Requires that jQuery is available! jQuery("#myCustomTrigger").click(function(e) { e.preventDefault();


}); },

fieldValues: {

Type: 'bug',

summary: 'test',

labels : ['test'],

'labels': 'test' }



Labels or Type are not being set when submitting the feedback button, don't understand the reason why it's not creating the issue with those values, the summary gets populated fine and the issue is created with a label of the issue collector id. I tried both ways, putting it inside a list and just a string but nothing works.


jira.[mywebsite].com is the url

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ICANSEEYOU7867 May 26, 2022

I am looking to solve another issue...but thought I would hop in here and reply...

Are your label/type fields custom fields?  They may not be named what you think they are named.

For example, using the "Got Feedback?"  form, and inspecting the "What do you like?" field, this name in the HTML is actually "description-good".


Also, I dont think this is a scriptrunner issue, as the javascript you are running should be on some other type of website.. However you should be able to use chrome's developer tools -> Elements -> Inspect

And click the form...  Using the "What do you like field" this field is:

<textarea class="textarea long-field" rows="5" id="description-good" name="description-good" tabindex="-1" readonly="readonly"></textarea>


I dont know if that is what you issue is, but if the other fields are being filled in correctly and without issue, I would guess the HTML name isnt what you think it is.

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