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Structure Formula Issue count based on JQL

Cristian Caravan June 7, 2022

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to have a formula that counts issues if they return true in a JQL field?

Thank you

Ionut Caravan

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David Niro
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June 7, 2022

Hello @Cristian Caravan ,

David from ALM Works here.

It is possible to do using the JQL embedded query , if you are using a version of Structure that is at least 7.0 or higher.

There may be other ways to accomplish your goal depending on what you are looking to count and where you expect to see the result.

Could you share a bit more about your use case?


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Aleksey Didukh
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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April 9, 2024

Hello @David Niro
Could you please help with my case. 

There are several Initiatives in my organization with following hierarchy (managed by "contains" linktype):

- Initiative 
--[1] User Story
--[2] User Story
--[1] Epic
---- [1] Story under Epic
---- [1] Story under Epic

I want to create a Jira Structure to overview all the initiatives in organization. So I display only issues with this type. And I'd like to display in a column how many open user stories this Initiative has. So I need to get all the issues contained in initiative and issues under epics (if epic contained in initiative). And I need to exclude epic from total value (so for example above this value should be equal to 4.

I'm trying to use this formula:
SIZE(issuelinks.filter($.type="Contain").filter($.source=this).filter($.destination.x != "Epic"))

But it can sum only direct children of Initiative. As I understand there is no way to get issues under the epic with this approach. But may be you can suggest some work around  

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