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Searching for users in Enhanced Search ? (Cloud)

Dylan Pokun November 26, 2020

Hi everyone,

Does Enhanced Search in Cloud only search through issues or can I look for users? I need to look for them by their custom properties (like phoneNumber or computerID) 

Let's say that in this use-case, the user has never created an issue (so, there's no workaround by searching an issue with his data).

If there's some other way to visually search for a user with ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud (so that JSM agents can easily find them), I'm all ears =)

Thanks in advance,




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Ryan Rules [Adaptavist] November 26, 2020

Hi Dylan!

Currently Enhanced Search only allows searching for Jira issues, using advanced queries and functions not found in native Jira Cloud search.

I think your use-case however is quite interesting, and I'd be curious to see if this is a problem other users across Jira have also.

Could you raise this suggestion onto our public backlog? It will also give others a chance to upvote on it if this is something they would also like to see implemented too. You can find this here:

One suggestion for your specific use-case however of viewing users who have never created an issue would be possible through a ScriptRunner script, if you needed on demand access to this particular scripts output, or needed to share this automation with end-users then this could be achieved through Scripted Fields too:

I hope this information helps!

Many thanks,


Product Manager, ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud

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