Scriptrunner: how to have different scripts for different contexts for the same custom field

Almu November 3, 2021

Hi there

I would like to have 1 custom field in Jira UI with 2 contexts, so that each context refers to a different Scriptrunner Scripted Field, atlhough with the same name, but different script. Any idea, please?




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Nic Brough -Adaptavist-
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November 3, 2021

The scripts are not kept in the context, they apply for the entire field.

You will need to create a new field for each different script.

Almu November 8, 2021

Thanks Nic. That is what I thought, but the previous Jira admin did it in the Jira I am managing now. There are  2 scripted fields, each of them for a different context, so in Jira UI There is only 1 custom field with 2 context...

Chand Chandrasegaram August 23, 2022

This was previously possible in SR for Jira DC. Newer version of SR (v > 6.x) has removed the possibility to have different scripts for each contexts for one scripted field. Creating new field for each script is not ideal and scalable solution. 

For example a scripted field called 'Info' can render different HTML messages for different contexts based on different requirements. Creating new field for the same purpose is not a scalable solution, especially when they have the option to keep the same name for field. 

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