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Scriptrunner Scrip Listener slower than Fast-Track Post Function = problem

Gavin Minnis August 3, 2018


I use a Script Listener to create a sub-task when a custom field value equals "Yes." I also use a Fast-Track Post Function to transition my workflow when:

issue.subTaskObjects.size() == 0

So essentially, I want to Fast-Track my workflow forward if there aren't any unresolved sub-tasks (Note: I recognized the condition above won't do what I need. I address that below.) . If I update the custom field value to "Yes" via a transition screen, I expect the Fast-Track to FAIL since a sub-task is created. However, this does not happen. I believe that what may be happening is that the Post Functions, including the Fast-Track, complete before the Script Listener determines I've updated the custom field to "Yes." So the sub-task is created AFTER the Fast-Track post function has completed.

The reason I think this is happening is because the Fast-Track is blocked, as I expect, when I complete the previously stated actions AND a sub-task already exists on the issue.


  1. Am I correct in my assumption that the Post Functions might be completing before the Script Listener is taking action?
  2. The current condition I'm using above is not what I need. I really want to confirm that IF there are any sub-tasks open that they must all be resolved to allow the Fast-Track to complete. Can you guide me on how to create that script condition?

Thanks for your help.

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Mark Markov
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Rising Star
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August 3, 2018

Hello @Gavin Minnis

I'm not Jamie, but

1. Yes, you are right. Script Listeners runs only when event happens and after all post-function.


issue.subTaskObjects?.every {it.resolution != null}
Gavin Minnis August 3, 2018

@Mark Markov

As usual, thanks for your quick responses. Ok I think I can overcome my problem by requiring the team to make changes with the edit screen instead of the transition screen. It’s not ideal, but I can probably make it work. It is strange though, because I would think that the same issue would occur when the field value is set on the Create screen. 

Regarding the other suggestion you gave about checking that sub-tasks are resolved, I’m not at a computer but will check and update soon. 

Take care. 

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