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Scriptrunner Behaviours - Using screen ID in Initialiser

Veronica Kolstad August 20, 2018

I'd like to implement a pre-filled Description field for any project using a certain workflow, so I set up a Behaviour based on the Screen ID of the Create Issue screen for that workflow. However, it's not working. If I remove the screen ID check, it works as expected on all screens, but that's not what I want  :)


def desc = getFieldById("description")


def descDefaultValue = """blah""".replaceAll(/ /, '')


if (FieldScreen.getId() == 12903) {

     if (! underlyingIssue?.description) {





Apologies in advance if I missed something simple. Thanks for the feedback.


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Veronica Kolstad December 27, 2018

Following up.. I didn't realize the screen ID was changing. Once I set up the code to detect and print screen ID during troubleshooting, I was able to get it working.

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Sayan Kaiser March 24, 2019

Hi @Veronica Kolstad ,

I am trying to add an auto comment when we close a ticket :

when we click on resolve button we have a screen called CHD Resolve Screen with resolutions and comment box, I am trying to add an auto comment on the comment box. I have tried the following script :

def desc = getFieldById("description")

def defaultValue = """Your issue is now resolved""".replaceAll(/ /, '')

if (getFieldScreen().name== "CHD resolve screen") {
if (! underlyingIssue?.description) {





but looks like I still do not get the message on the comment box, do you think I am doing something really wrong as I do not get any error message 

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Mark Markov
Rising Star
Rising Star
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August 20, 2018

Hello @Veronica Kolstad

Your workflow associates with certaion issue types, so why not just add mapping to this issue types and remove this screen check?

Veronica Kolstad August 20, 2018

Thanks for your quick feedback, Mark. We have about 30 groups using JIRA in our organization at this time, and about 80% of the groups use the same workflow for their Scrum teams. I am trying to simplify things for that 80%, since they're all writing user stories.

However, we use the same basic issue types (Story, Bug, Epic, Sub-task) across the organization to keep things simple. If we auto-fill by issue type, my understanding is this would not exclude the 20% of the organization that would not value the pre-filled description we are trying to implement in the Story type.

Using the screen name was suggested by @JamieA here, so I think it's possible and I'm just doing something wrong. I switched to using the screen ID when the screen name didn't work, so I'm hoping there's just something wrong with my syntax.

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