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ScriptRunner to transition linked issue

Cassio Miranda February 21, 2019

Hi guys,

I need to auto transition an issue when 1 or more linked issue is Done and the remaining linked issues are Done/Canceled.

The situation is the following:

- We have 5 projects (A,1,2,3,4);

- The process begins at project A and works with issue type "Initiative";

- At distribution step, project A clones the issue to project 1 as "Epic" (as example);

- The project team 1 will check if this demand can be solved in one or more Epics, and if it's more than one Epic, they link the new Epics to the Initiative and to all Epics linked to Initiative (so all Epics will be linked to the Initiative and among them), and they could move these new Epics to projects 2,3 and 4;

- Projects 1,2,3 and 4 work with two end status (Activated and Canceled);

- In project A, when all linked Epics are closed, if at least one is Activated, the Initiative transitions to Done, else the Initiative doesn't transition;


I tried to do it with fast-track listener, past questions from community, made a Frankestein code with a piece from each answer I thought was related to this, but I failed miserably, since I'm still new to JIRA and Groovy (learning Java yet)


Jira: 7.9.1v (will be updated to 7.13v on 04/01);

ScriptRunner: 5.3.13v;


Could you please help me out here ?

Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.






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0 votes
Cassio Miranda April 2, 2019

Already solved

M Vijay Kumar May 9, 2019


Can you provide insights into this how did you achieve this, I am also looking some sorth of thing which is similar.


I would like link the issue on a transition, can we achieve this ?




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Cassio Miranda May 16, 2019

Hey Vijay,


Could you tell more about your scenario/problem ?



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