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Script Runner Behaviours-10 different field pop-ups

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I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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September 27, 2018

Hello- I have a custom checkbox field in JIRA with a list of about thirty applications that a user may require.  For ten of these, the user's manager must also fill out the type of access required.  I created a behavior that unhides an additional field if any (or all) of these ten apps are checked off.  It works perfectly except for one problem:  If I select any one of the ten apps, then DESELECT it, the additional field DOES NOT get hidden again.  Can somebody tell me what I am missing?

Thank you, in advance.



My Initializer:

def hiddenField01 = getFieldByName('Access-CAMRA')
def hiddenField02 = getFieldByName('Access-CAMRA Hub')
def hiddenField03 = getFieldByName('Access-DnD')
def hiddenField04 = getFieldByName('Access-GP')
def hiddenField05 = getFieldByName('Access-Nexus')
def hiddenField06 = getFieldByName('Access-North Shore')
def hiddenField07 = getFieldByName('Access-Piculet')
def hiddenField08 = getFieldByName('Access-Recon')
def hiddenField09 = getFieldByName('Access-Dashboard')
def hiddenField10 = getFieldByName('Access-XBasis')


...And my Fields:

def CAMRAField = getFieldByName("Access-CAMRA")
def CAMRAchangedField = getFieldById(getFieldChanged())
def selectedOption1 = CAMRAchangedField.getValue() as String
def isCAMRASelected = selectedOption1.contains("CAMRA")
CAMRAField.setHidden(! isCAMRASelected)

def CAMRAHubField = getFieldByName("Access-CAMRA Hub")
def CAMRAHubchangedField = getFieldById(getFieldChanged())
def selectedOption2 = CAMRAHubchangedField.getValue() as String
def isCAMRAHubSelected = selectedOption2.contains("CAMRA Hub")
CAMRAHubField.setHidden(! isCAMRAHubSelected)

def DnDField = getFieldByName("Access-DnD")
def DnDchangedField = getFieldById(getFieldChanged())
def selectedOption3 = DnDchangedField.getValue() as String
def isDnDSelected = selectedOption3.contains("DnD")
DnDField.setHidden(! isDnDSelected)

def DGPField = getFieldByName("Access-GP")
def DGPchangedField = getFieldById(getFieldChanged())
def selectedOption4 = DGPchangedField.getValue() as String
def isDGPSelected = selectedOption4.contains("Dynamics GP")
DGPField.setHidden(! isDGPSelected)

def NexusField = getFieldByName("Access-Nexus")
def NexuschangedField = getFieldById(getFieldChanged())
def selectedOption5 = NexuschangedField.getValue() as String
def isNexusSelected = selectedOption5.contains("Nexus")
NexusField.setHidden(! isNexusSelected)

def NSField = getFieldByName("Access-North Shore")
def NSchangedField = getFieldById(getFieldChanged())
def selectedOption6 = NSchangedField.getValue() as String
def isNSSelected = selectedOption6.contains("North Shore Asset Management System")
NSField.setHidden(! isNSSelected)

def PiculetField = getFieldByName("Access-Piculet")
def PiculetchangedField = getFieldById(getFieldChanged())
def selectedOption7 = PiculetchangedField.getValue() as String
def isPiculetSelected = selectedOption7.contains("Piculet")
PiculetField.setHidden(! isPiculetSelected)

def ReconField = getFieldByName("Access-Recon")
def ReconchangedField = getFieldById(getFieldChanged())
def selectedOption8 = ReconchangedField.getValue() as String
def isReconSelected = selectedOption8.contains("Recon")
ReconField.setHidden(! isReconSelected)

def WDField = getFieldByName("Access-Dashboard")
def WDchangedField = getFieldById(getFieldChanged())
def selectedOption9 = ReconchangedField.getValue() as String
def isWDSelected = selectedOption9.contains("Web Dashboard")
WDField.setHidden(! isWDSelected)

def XBField = getFieldByName("Access-XBasis")
def XBchangedField = getFieldById(getFieldChanged())
def selectedOption10 = ReconchangedField.getValue() as String
def isXBSelected = selectedOption10.contains("XBasis")
XBField.setHidden(! isXBSelected)

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