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JIRA Issue "update"/ Refresh via Groovy

Normann P. Nielsen - TDC/Netic January 29, 2018

This is for the nFeed Plugin.


I need to get a value from an SQL database with colums C1 and C2

I have made 2 fields, F1 and F2

F1 is a SELECT C1 from table
F2 is a SELECT C2 from where customfield(C1)=X

From the UI it works, I can select a C1 value, and F2 field is populated with C2

In groovy, I populate C1 with a value and use issueService.Update - but F2 is not populated, its just "null"

How can I populate F2 (like a "UI refresh/update") from groovy?

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Michel Tremblay [Adaptavist] January 31, 2018

As I understand it, F1 and F2 are 2 NFeed field.
F2 is set with automatically select the value when there is only 1 option.
So if you select F1, then f2 get automatically selected and so it works. 
But when you're setting F1 from scripts, it doesn't update F2 because NFeed UI javascript doesn't trigger to select the value it could have selected through the UI. 
And this is a normal behaviour as there is no UI activated for it and thus the JS can't run.

Your solution would be to run the same sql select that you have in your nfeed to set F2 when you set F1, but in your script where you do set F1. 

Triggering an Update or anything that is not using the UI won't put any value in F2.

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