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Issue with screen schemes after bulk deleting issue type screen schemes with no projects

djohnsoncainc January 17, 2019

 ran the bulk delete issue type screen schemes provided at on a test instance.

This appeared to work fine / same as if I manually deleted. 

However, then when I ran the bulk delete screen schemes script from this same page, it failed to delete any screen scheme that had been connected to the bulk deleted issue screen scheme.
Also, in the UI, while there was no relationship displayed to the old issue type screen scheme names, a bullet appeared with no text. Also, the "delete" link did not appear in the UI.

I then used a modified version of the delete script to audit the relationship between the issue type screen schemes and screen schemes and based on this, it appears that one issue type screen scheme is still connected to all of these screen schemes even though none is visible in UI.

Any thoughts/suggestions? Anyone else have this issue?

Thank you!
Donna J.

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John Price
Rising Star
Rising Star
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March 9, 2021

This is old but I just encountered the same problem and am working on a solution with Atlassian.  In my case, there were records in the IssueTypeScreenSchemeEntity table that were pointing to deleted IssueTypeScreenSchemes.  This is the table that links Issue Type Screen Schemes to Screen Schemes.  I wrote the following SQL that exactly predicted which items on the Screen Schemes page will have empty bullet points:

-- IssueTypeScreenScheme to ScreenScheme relations
-- where the referenced issue type screen scheme does not exists
SELECT entityid, sse.scheme issuetypescreenschemeid,
sse.fieldscreenscheme screenschemeid, screenschemename
FROM IssueTypeScreenSchemeEntity sse
LEFT JOIN IssueTypeScreenScheme ss
ON sse.scheme =
LEFT JOIN fieldscreenscheme fss
ON sse.fieldscreenscheme =

I'm waiting to find out if it's safe to manually delete these records with something like:

DELETE FROM IssueTypeScreenSchemeEntity sse
SELECT id FROM IssueTypeScreenScheme
WHERE id = sse.scheme)

I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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February 28, 2022

Thank you, @John Price . Did you ever get confirmation this delete was safe?
Asking because even though newer groovy cleanup scripts have been posted, they only solve part of my problem and still leave behind orphaned data -- I believe in the IssueTypeScreenSchemeEntity table.

Also, as an FYI, your solution seems to be in sync with final sql cleanup that appears if might be required if you had run the original Adaptavist script that I did. The sql I am talking about was posted here:  by Adam Martin in 2019. 

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