How to set Confluence permission from Jira issue?



I want to set automatically Confluence permissions from a Jira issue.

On the Issue the user select the permissions like "View Permission". When a other user run the transition for example "permission accepted", then I want to make a api call? (I'm not sure wich method is here the right way) that set permission on confluence. 

I know how to read the selection in the issue and how to set permission on confluence but I don't know how to work with REST Endpoint or how to give the parameters to confluence and execute my confluence script. By the way where i should put my Confluence script?

I have read the documenation but I'm still stuck... Please help me :O


Confluence Script - Where should I put this?

import com.atlassian.sal.api.component.ComponentLocator
import com.atlassian.confluence.spaces.SpaceManager
import com.atlassian.user.GroupManager

def spaceManager = ComponentLocator.getComponent(SpaceManager)
def spacePermissionManager = ComponentLocator.getComponent(SpacePermissionManager)
def groupManager = ComponentLocator.getComponent(GroupManager)

//Get a space
def targetSpace = spaceManager.getSpace("SPACEKEY")


//Get Group or User
def targetGroup = groupManager.getGroup("groupname")

if(!spacePermissionManager.getGroupsWithPermissions(targetSpace ).contains(targetGroup)) {
def spacePermission = SpacePermission.createGroupSpacePermission(SpacePermission.VIEWSPACE_PERMISSION, targetSpace , targetGroup.getName())


Jira Script (On Transition)

//Import class 


//Get Values from Issue

def cfValue = ....
def userForPermission = ...
def groupForPermission = ...

//Call confluence-Api and post data? How to do this?


Thank you :)


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