How to search issues using Scriptrunner Database Picker Field

Hayden Smith November 19, 2019

I'm investigating using Database Picker fields from script runner to link with our other systems.  I have a field set up and am able to select and set values from the database fine.  This will be replacing a Text Field to enforce consistency with data input, and the database itself has ~600 entries that can change regularly, so don't want to manage a select field.

Anyway having set up the Database Picker field, I can see that the Searcher is set as "None" and when I click on the "None" the screen it takes me to informs me "There are no search templates for this custom field type." and I can't search based on this field in JQL.  Is this a limitation with the Database Picker of have I missed something when setting it up as looking over the instructions I don't think I missed anything?

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Daniel Garcia February 2, 2020

I wonder if we could workaround the issue by having a custom scripted field that just returns the value of the database picker. We could then search on that.

Hayden Smith February 21, 2020

Thanks for the suggestion Daniel.  It's taken a while for me to have a chance to look at it but I can confirm that using the resource to take the id value stored by my database picker field and then pull the friendly name from the resource I can store the values in a scripted field and search on that.

It's clunky but the main thing is that it works.

Rodolfo So September 24, 2020

can you share how do you execute that? Thanks

Daniel Garcia September 29, 2020

The scriptrunner for jira plugin lets you define derived fields that are defined with a groovy script

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