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How can I get a list of failing validators before doing transition programmatically?

Jedrzej Wolski September 11, 2018

I'm writing scripted listener to automatically transition parent issue to in progress, when any of the child issues goes in progress.

I use IssueService.validateTransition() method to validate the transition before it is actually executed by a call to IssueService.transition() method.

The problem is that IssueService.validateTransition() method checks only for unsatisfied permissions and conditions. It does not check for failing validators. API allows to do only a single thing about that - I can use TransitionOptions instance passed to IssueService.validateTransition() method to skip validators during transition:

TransitionOptions transitionOptions = new TransitionOptions.Builder().skipValidators().build()

...which is a nice shortcut but does not solve the problem in this particular case as requirements are two:

1) Transition the parent anyway even if validators are not satisfied.

2) Send a notification to parent issue assignee and reporter, about obligatory data missing in the issue (means about failing validators).

Not using TransitionOptions to skip checking validators, results in a rollback exception raised that can't be caught in the listener's code (as it is raised AFTER the listener is executed) and the child issue that triggered the listener execution is not allowed by JIRA to enter 'In Progress' status (reverted back?). Apart from the main topic I must say it is extremely strange that a listener is executed within the same transaction with event-triggering transition. Everybody would expect listener's execution to be a completely separate process from the transition that triggered the event.

Given that my questions are:

- Is it possible to catch rollback exception raised AFTER IssueService.transition() is executed?

- How can I get all the failing validators BEFORE calling IssueService.transition() method?

- Why IssueService.validateTransition() does not check for validators?


Please do not send me back to or to as those are about post-functions not the listener and do not answer this topic. 

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