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Exporting Custom Field Values (indexed + archived)

Matthew Martin July 14, 2022

Hi all,

Right now, we are walking through a process to reduce the number of custom fields in our environment. A key part of that process is backing up a custom field's data before its deletion, which we will then store indefinitely.

I know that through JQL, we can quickly produce a view of tickets with data associated with a specific field and export. My issue is that, as far as I am aware, ticket searches are based on the index and do not cover archived ticket data. Consequently, I will not get a full view from a JQL search of my potential scope of data. Unarchiving the data to push it into the index at our scale isn't a feasible option.

Maybe I should be going to the database directly, but I would currently prefer a solution that was run out of JIRA in a structured and safe manner as I'm staring down the barrel of needing to remove approximately 400-600 fields.

In so far as the export output, a CSV would be delightful. Any suggestions?

JIRA DC 8.20.8

Scriptrunner (latest)

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Xavier Burais September 27, 2023

I revive the topic!

I have more or less the same question, I have to delete several custom fields that have the same name to keep only one, but I want to save data before by exporting concerned issues.

The problem is that some of those issues are archived and when I export them, I only have "basic" fields, I can't have value for custom fields I want to delete.

Any suggestions?

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