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Different screens for each Jira Service Desk Request Type

Chrisjir Parkin August 7, 2020

Realizing that one can only modify Request Type if the underlying Issue Type doesn't change, we resorted to having a single Issue Type for our Service Desk project.  

We have found out that we can set conditional workflow transitions for each different Request Type.  We use ScriptRunner to find the Option ID of the Request Type.  Then we use the particular Option ID of a given Request Type to set a Condition in the Workflow (Add a Condition > Value Field > Customer Request Type > boolean operation > Option ID > Compare as Option ID).

Here's the problem, though.  JSD is good about letting us specify which fields appear on the portal for each request type.  After that, though, and since we have multiple request types mapped to one Issue Type, we have only one Issue Type Screen Scheme.  So, when it comes time to View or Edit the issue, we must display all the fields associated with the Issue Type.  This crowds the screen with lots of irrelevant fields.

Imagine two Request Types (Purchase and Human Resources) mapped to a single Issue Type (Request).  The JSD portal allows us to display custom fields for Position Name, Supervisor and Length of Term for the Human Resources request type.  And we can use custom fields for Total Cost, Shipping Address and Budget Number for the Purchase Request Type.  So far, so good.

After the Issue is created, from within JSD, when Editing or Viewing the ticket, we have only a single Screen Scheme, so the Edit and View screens show Position Name, Supervisor and Length of Term for all the purchases as well as showing the all the purchase fields for the Human Resources request.

Has anyone found a way to use a Screen based on Request Type rather than Issue Type?


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