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Clone a Specific Task and its Sub-Tasks from a "Template" Epic on Transition within New Epic

Michael Spoonauer September 20, 2019

We're working on creating a JIRA project for which Epics, when they are transitioned to a particular state, should have a Task and its Sub-Tasks copied from a "template" Epic.

Has anyone done anything like this?

I know that we can manually clone a Task and its Sub-Tasks, and then change the parent Epic of the newly cloned Task manually, but we would like to automate the cloning of the source Task / Sub-Tasks from the "template" Epic upon transition of a any new Epic, and we would like to prevent every cloned Task and Sub-Task from having its name prefixed with "CLONE - " if we can prevent that.

Why wouldn't we just clone the Epic itself?  Because it wouldn't make sense to have certain Tasks and their attendant Sub-Tasks as children of a new Epic if that Epic hasn't yet been transitioned to a specific state.

I've looked at the "Clones an issue and links" post-function that's provided by ScriptRunner ( ), but this will only clone the current issue, not a "template" task that you can specify.

If anyone happens to have example ScriptRunner / Java code that could perform this type of function, just let me know.

In terms of visualization of flow, what we are trying to achieve is:

  • For a New Epic, let's call it Epic A, in a JIRA Project
    • On Transition to State B
      • Define a post-function that will:
        • Create a new child Task C of Epic A by cloning a pre-defined "template" Task D (the ID for which should never change) from a "template" Epic E, and all of its sub-tasks.
        • For this now newly created child Task C, set the "Epic Link" custom field to the ID / Name of the the parent Epic, Epic A.
        • If required as an extra step, update the Summary for child Task C and its sub-tasks to remove "CLONE - " from the front of the Summary.

Just let me know the best way to start to approach this problem.


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Breisi Brito November 30, 2023

No answer, but it is now almost 2024 and I dont see a solution provided to this question.

I am also looking for this functionality - I am trying to create a workflow that automatically generates Children Epics and corresponding stories under a Deliverable (Issuetype).

Each time the Deliverable moves across to a new Status, I would like a set of pre-defined Epics with Stories (that have been created as a Template) to be created under the deliverable.

I dont understand why we cant just say create a child Epic, make it a clone of ID-XXX Epic (and it's Children) on a Workflow Transition trigger...

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