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Build the "Fields" value to update when field empty

Daniel Luevano November 8, 2021


I have a script that copy some fields from one Issue to another, but it is failing when the fields have an EMPTY value, this is my current code:


// get custom fields
def customFields = get("/rest/api/2/field")
.findAll { (it as Map).custom } as List<Map>

def partnerId = customFields.find { == 'Partner' }?.id
def reportingProjectId = customFields.find { == 'Reporting Project' }?.id

def fields = issue.fields as Map

//Get the field values
def partnerValue = fields.customfield_13992.value //Multi Select type
def reportingProjectValue = fields.customfield_13690 //Free text single line type

def updateLinkedIssue = put("/rest/api/2/issue/${issue.key}")
.header('Content-Type', 'application/json')
fields: [
(partnerId): [value: partnerValue] as Map,
(reportingProjectId) : reportingProjectValue



When the "partnerValue" variable has a value, the script works well, but if the field is empty the script fails, any idea how to build the FIELDS section of the JSON on the code to only include those fields that are not EMPTY?

Thanks in advance.

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