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Behaviour: setFormValue for Description in a JEditor-rendered-description field

Kevin Dekan August 17, 2018

Hi there,


I am trying to create a behaviour, that on a create screen prefills the description-field with a template (preferrably html) in relation to the selection in a dropdown-field.


- when option A is chosen in the dropdown-field, template A should be loaded in the description-field (in the create screen, to be able to edit the description before creating the issue. In fact, this should be a checklist to input the required information before creating the issue). 

- when option B is chosen, template B should be loaded


I already achieved this in a description field with  the default text renderer, but this renderer cannot handle html. We normally use JEditor for our text fields, but it seems, the addon does not render the html-code when using this script, so it does not work with a JEditor-rendered-description-field.


Any ideas?






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Kevin Dekan August 27, 2020

You can try enabling this module in JEditor: "Allow 3rd party scripts/add-ons to update JEditor-rendered textareas"





Vineela Durbha August 27, 2020

@Kevin Dekan 

Thanks for your reply. I have enable the module but it still doesnt seem to work. Any other suggestions?

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Vineela Durbha August 27, 2020

@Kevin Dekan I am even looking for the same solution. Did you get any progress on the same?

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