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Behaviour not hiding field on first trigger on Dashboard

Brian Ho April 8, 2021

Some of my users like to transition their issues directly from a dashboard. The transition screens have scriptrunner behaviours that hide the comment field from them as part of the initializer. What I've noticed is that the first time a particular transition screen is displayed - regardless of issue, the other parts of the initializer are run successfully, but hiding the Comment field does not work. Without reloading the page, subsequent calls to the transition screen - again, regardless of issue - produce the desired behaviour. Reloading the page seems to reset the screens and the comment field is not hidden. 

Transitioning from dashboard actions: image.png

First time after reloading:


Subsequent calls:


Comment field is hidden correctly.

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Tye Joe Wai April 8, 2021

Hi Brian, could you share the script you used to hide the Comment field? I set it in my Behaviours as a server-side script for the Comment field and mine was hidden successfully even when transitioning issues from the Dashboard.

Brian Ho April 12, 2021

Hi Tye,


I'm using this in my behaviour initializer: 

import com.atlassian.jira.component.ComponentAccessor;

def triggerActions = ["Add RCPE Notes"]"MCR - RCPE Notes Behaviour will${triggerActions.contains(getActionName()) ? " " : " not "}execute for ${getActionName()}")
if( ! triggerActions.contains(getActionName())) return;

def comments = getFieldByName("Comments");

Again, it works on the second access of the transition, but not on the first. So it seems like it's not loading the behaviour in time.

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