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Automate the updating of "Fix versions" on linked support tickets.

Deleted user November 4, 2022


I'm using ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud and I basically have the following workflow that I'm trying to automate.

  1. A fix version (field name "Fix versions") is updated on a bug/story
  2. I have a script listener triggering on issue update which checks if the "Fix versions" field was updated, if it was it drops into a "do something" block.
  3. I would like to update any linked "support ticket" type issue to have the same Fix version which was just entered in the bug/story.

Basically I want any updates to the fix version to propagate out to any linked support tickets, I've managed a solution which unfortunately will only work on Jira server, and I'm struggling a little getting this to work on cloud having just migrated.

Here's the shell:

def fixVersionChanged = changelog?.items.find { it['field'] == 'Fix versions' }

if (!fixVersionChanged) {
//"Fix Version was not modified")

//"Fix Version was modified")

Assistance would be much appreciated.

Thank you 

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Stefan Salzl
Community Leader
Community Leader
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November 4, 2022

Hi @[deleted] 

Is it a MUST that it needs to be done with scriptrunner? Jira cloud provides Automation for Jira out of the box and this is a very simple task that could also be implemented with A4J without any need of scripting.

Are the linked issues within the same project than the trigger-issue?


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